Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's hard to believe that 2010 has already come and gone!  Thinking back on the year- I feel like I accomplished a lot.  There was change, there was some beautiful moments, and there was some tough times- but we made it through:)

Reflecting on the past year over the last week or so made me think of all of the accomplishments, milestones, developments, challenges, and moments of the year that has passed. I think it is important to focus on the positive parts of life- but I think it is also important to recognize struggles and difficult times, and try to find the good in each situation so that I can learn from my experiences.

Here is my list of influential choices/moments/experiences of 2010:

Mosie's Baby Blessing.
This is something we've done for both of our children.  It was a wonderful day when family and close friends gathered to celebrate our little guy.  We planted his placenta under a tree in our back yard to represent his life on this earth, and we shared our thoughts and hopes for his future- it was a special day!

Miscarriage on Easter.
This is something I have not talked about before on my blog- but it was an experience that I (and we as a family) went through this past year that was both difficult, influential, sad, and strengthening.  It was probably the toughest thing I've experienced so far in my life, but through such a difficult experience I was able to take away of deeper sense of self, a sense of compassion and understanding for other women and familes that have experienced this unique sense of loss, and a deeper level of greatfulness for both life and birth.

Prudence Island family vacation.
We took a nice little break from reality in the early spring.  It was just me, D,  the angelbabies, and Beau- and it was so relaxing and beautiful.  The remoteness of the island promotes an inner peace, as did the beautiful ocean view:) Dirt roads, no stores or commercial anything, empty beaches, quiet nights, and sunny days- it was lovely. 

Over the previous year I had become more interested in the whole concept- and more addicted to reading certain blogs.  After returning home from our vacation- I realized that I have things that I want to share!  So I decided to start my own blog with this first little entry....

My tattoo.
This is something that I had been wanting to get for 3 years and counting.  A tattoo of an excerpt from Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching that reads:

"Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting without expectation, leading without trying to control, this is the supreme virtue". 

This quote- to me, embodies everything I strive to be as  a parent- guiding my children through this world.  I had originally wanted the tattoo after giving birth to Zella- and was about to get it and found out I was pregnant with Moses (no tattoos while pregnant).  Then- the same thing happened on Mosie's 1st birthday (found out I was pregnant again).  After we lost the baby- I felt like it was time- it definitely helped in the healing process. Alexa captured it for me with this beautiful photograph:)

This past year I had the opportunity to paint 2 murals in the hospital where I work as an expressive therapist.  This opportunity fell into my lap- my friend Alexa has presented me with many inspiring mantras, among my favorites is- "open yourself and let the universe fill you".  Well, this opportunity was the push I needed to realize that painting for a living is something that makes my heart sing- and something that is worth pursuing!

Zip lining trip with D
Marriage is not easy- but taking the time to take a break from the everyday stresses of life and spend some quality time together makes you realize how nice it is to have someone there to love you unconditionally!  It was great to take a break from our (sometimes stressful) reality of being parents of 2 small children, and have an adventure together!

My 30th Birthday Getaway.
It was the perfect trip- read the entry-- look at the pics, enough said!

Christmas 2010
Surrounded by family, love, amazing food, and generosity- it was the perfect way to end the year!

I am truly and completely blessed!

Here is my focus list for 2011- a list things that I will keep posted around my creative spaces to remind me of what I want to accomplish this year.

  1. breathe more and breathe deeper
  2. watch less TV
  3. be more patient and tolerant
  4. sew more
  5. read more books
  6. keep organized areas organized
  7. work-in a work-out every day
  8. restart my yoga/mediation practice
  9. look into expanding our family
  10. let go of control
  11. have more date nights with my hubby
  12. slow down my "roll"
  13. drink more water

Hope you all are off to a wonderful start this year!

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