Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love My Hair

Not sure if y'all are familiar with this video clip from Sesame Street- but we are loving it over here at our house!

Speaking of hair- we are always in search of good hair products for the Little Booty-Girl, and D recently got a new one that we are loving! You can find the product line here.

Here's the before and after:

On the subject of hair- I thought I'd share a recent hair experiment that I am trying on myself- it's a shampoo elimination routine....that's right- eliminating shampoo completely from my hair care routine (which, honestly was never very intense in the first place). Here is a link to an article explaining the theory behind it . I am still showering regularly BTW!
 My reasons? Well...Em brought it up on my birthday trip- so I thought I'd take the challenge- less $+ possibly radiant and shiny hair+ less time- I'm sold!
 I am currently on day 13- and it's not too bad- there have definitely been greasy moments at times, but it seems as though it's sort of leveling out a bit! I will keep you posted on the outcome of this trial!

Hope you are having a good hair day:)


  1. Umm, I want to try that stuff! And the Sesame Street Love it.

  2. I also tried the Mixed Chicks stuff in my hair and it worked all day... that does not usually happen.
    Speaking of the Sasame Street hair song... There seems to be some controversy aroung the song. I do not know why. I like the song and I think that it has a good message for all kids. According to CNN, the Sesame Street writer composed the song as a tribute to his Ethiopian daughter.
    And Z loves her hair!