Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Whole Lotta White Stuff

Granted- it snowed back on Sunday- it's been 4 days since the storm- and there is STILL a whole lotta snow!

I would have posted sooner- but I've been workin' the day shift all week as Daddy stays home with the kiddos on "vacation"- he got to do things like grocery shopping, house cleaning, and carousel field trips this week- while I was at the hospital doing groups.  The other day as we were doing bedtime I said "so- would you say you are more tired after a day at the office, or after a day home with these 2?"- we both agreed- hands down- being home is WAY more tiring!

The day after we (and the entire east coast) got hit with the storm- we decided to venture out into the wintry white backyard- hoping the kids would play as we shoveled out the 2 houses. 

 Little did I know I would have to resort to this....

yes- that's right- leftover Halloween candy- to even get out of the house.

Oh- and the rubber band you see in the first shot- that's all part of the outfit- it goes around the cuffs of his mittens so he can't pull them off- and it really works!

After much bribery- I got him outside.

Where he would only walk in the shoveled paths:(, while fussing and carrying on.  Needless to say- not a whole lot was accomplished while Mr.Moses was outside...maybe next year it'll be a little easier?

Zella on the other hand was all-about the snow!

I am REALLY looking forward to 3 days in a row of family time- with no plans in sight!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I love mr.moses and his pouty face! This seems like it was an adventure.

  2. The picture of Mosie reminds me of the little boy in The Christmas Story when he's in the red snowsuit- too funny. Z is such a snow angel. Love it!!