Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Few Updates...

Update #1: Potty Training- it is a work in progress.  It is not as easy as it was with the angelgirl, but he is still going through the process.  I will say that with Moses it's more similar to "elimination communication", as opposed to traditional potty training- the maturity level is not all there- so we are working with him in a different way.  We are not going back to diapers- and there are accidents here and there, but in all- I'm glad we started when we did!

Update #2: My Hair- it's a success!  I have been shampoo-free for over a month now, and my hair feels and looks pretty darn good.  I have switched to a baking soda wash (I've done this only 3 times now- literally water + baking soda and scrub), and a rinse with apple cider vinegar- and my hair feels really normal- lots of body- not greasy.  Its pretty remarkable really!  I brush it out a couple times a week (which I never used to do)- it distributes the natural oils which help to condition the hair.  I also comb it through after the wash/rinse- and sometimes when it's wet while I'm showering. That's basically it!

Update #3: The Studio:
The studio is as done as it's going to be until we tackle the ceiling repairs- and I am really pleased.  It's  amazing how a good cleaning, changing furniture layout, reorganization and a nice coat of paint can give a room a whole new outlook- (despite a gapeing hole in the ceiling!)

I feel refreshed as an artist, satisfied as an organization craving individual, and calm and content in the room.  To me- its quite the transformation. 

Here's  a photo review of the whole process, from start to (sort of) finish

The ceiling before the fabric removal:

annnnddd- after:

Below is a fabulous example of pregnancy brain...from the picture hopefully you can gather that I attached the legs to my work table on the inside of the table joint (this was 2 years ago now...)- rather than the outside- oy vey! Needless to say- I fixed it and it's so much more stable:)

Then I put a nice coat of my leftover bathroom wall paint on my work tabletop

Here is the somewhat completed project (the shades that I mentioned in my last post will follow after Christmas- I am on a personal spending freeze you see- so this project was done with only things that I had in the house, and my two trusty hands)
The little curtain on the front of my work table I whipped up to make a little hiding space for my scrap paper box and step stool.  I got this fabric from a local store that is no longer in business- I love the print- but the remnant that  I had was a little too short after hemming- so added the linen stripe along the bottom

I was able to hang up recent paintings in an organized way- giving me a little inspiration while I work on my current series.

Pile of stuff for a current project I'm working on for some friends who just had a new baby this week!
(More on this to come!)

This little lamp is from my great grandmother's house- I remember thinking how beautiful it was as a child- it's nice to have a little piece of her in my art space!

Those of you who have been in my house know I have a thing for paper cranes- I love them!  I also love origami paper.  These particular cranes were in Mosie's nursery- until he was tall enough to reach them and pull them off the walls (shortly after birth;)  I found  a little wire mobile in the mess and created a little crane mobile for the window.

That's all I got!
What do you think????
I appreciate comments if you have the time/desire!


  1. i want to see pics of your HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I enjoyed your post Hannah and I miss seeing you around.

  3. Looks great! Much more inspiring. I love the ginko painting and the small black and white ones that look like space!