Friday, December 17, 2010

Decking of the Hall

Decorating for Christmas was always a VERY big deal growing up.  At my parents house- it still is- it's a multi day process for Mom- and the whole house gets transformed- outside and in!

At our house- the decorations are pretty much consolidated into one main room- the living room- where the tree is.  I like to keep it pretty simple- not too much "stuff"- although, I'm partial to reindeer if I had to choose (as opposed to Santa's, snowmen, elfs, etc.)
Here a couple shots of my favorites this year.

Here' s the mantel- I just left up everything that was already there (a mirror from our honeymoon, 2 framed prints, a watercolor) and added some pretty trees that my Mom got me, the little wooden Santa (missing a beard)- it was my great-grandmothers (another Christmas decor-junkie:), our reindeer stocking hangers, and a little green garland.

Here is our monstrous tree- it seemed a lot smaller in the field- I swear!

We have a WHOLE lot of ornaments- so its good we got a big tree I guess!

As children we each got an annual ornament  from our parents- so I have 30 years worth- plus I inherited a lot from Geepee (Great Grandmother), and other random ones we've gotten through the years.

I have many favorites that remind me of various trips, events, people, animals, etc.

But, I must say- my all time favorites are my bride ornaments.  They were a wedding gift (almost 7 years ago now- geeeesh)- from my Auntie Dar.  Christmas ornaments as a gift in a May wedding may seem strange- but not in my family!  I LOVE each one.  They are blown glass, and just beautiful! (hung on the top half of the tree of course;) to avoid big baby boy hands!

What I like so much about them is that each ornament is a symbol- that represents various attributes- little reminders that make me reflect each year as I hang them on the tree.
So special- thank you Auntie!
I searched on line- and found them at this website (although they are on  back order). They'd be a great gift for a bride to be- or one that recently got married!

Another family tradition is the Christmas Pickle- oh yes- you heard right- the pickle!
Here's the tradition- on Christmas morning- the pickle is hidden on the tree- the first child to find the pickle wins a special treat!  Its a fun tradition on Christmas morning- I think it's of German origin?!

And last but not least- I did let a little Christmas spill out onto the front door. I have dreams of doing some festively lit bushes or something fancy on the columns framing the door- but the landscaping in the front needs too much help- I will not be motivated to decorate much more than the door until that happens:)  here's the super-low-budget swag I rigged up:

Trimmings from our Christmas tree
Wire cutters
2 gold tree ornaments
1 large bow (salvaged off  a gift box years ago!)

I wired the branches together making a little loop in the back to hang it up- attached the accessories with more wire- and hung it on the door.  Its not my ideal Christmas door decoration- but it took 10 minutes...and it works!

Have a great weekend!!!

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