Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I have been working on one project lately- and one project only. No Christmas Cards this year:( I know, kind of sad, but it just wasn't a priority....take a look at the link above to see the history of my family portrait card making endeavours:)

Every year I say/think- we need to down size the gift getting at Christmas- this is so NOT what its all about. So this year, my guys are getting one big gift each from us- and that's it...I'll let you know how it goes:) And beyond the one gift thing- the big gifts that they are getting are used! Got them off of Craigslist and I'm super excited to share.

I found this dollhouse for Zel- it was $50 and needed some SERIOUS TLC

The craftsmanship is amazing. I have enjoyed working on this more than you can imagine!  The decorator in me is getting a  whole lot of satisfaction out of renovating an entire house in a matter of weeks;)

The whole interior wallpaper was stripped (minus the last pic above with the red and gold floral ) I decided to leave it for the kitchen area:) everything else was raw wood- including the exterior- so here's what I've done thus far:

I did a limed white washed exterior with charcoal gray trim- pale pink shutters and a hot pink door (which has since gotten a second coat of paint) Zella's gonna love the pink!!
I like how you can see the "clapboard" lines through the white wash- these were drawn on the wood by the previous owner:)

I am trying to either make the furniture or buy stuff off of Ebay for cheap- the kitchen set is this little white vintage set I found- there is a fridge and 4 blue chairs coming later this week. The bedroom on the left is the only fairly "complete" room- although it could use a night stand and a dresser/armoire eventually along with accessories:)

The stairs are one of my favorite parts- I made a "runner" out of pink snake skin print fabric- and I continued the rug in the upstairs hall and landing.
I made these two beds out of a leftover foam pillow filler that I wrapped in fabric, and the headboards are scrap wood wrapped in the same. The wallpaper is scrapbook paper, as is the zebra print "rug".

The blue room will be the bathroom (making yellow curtains for that tonight), still need to get a bathroom set
The right hand bedroom needs to be papered, and beds made for it
The attic will be a nursery and storage space
The living room needs furniture
Eventually Id like to add shingles to the roof

I'm excited about this project! I am also excited to be able to work on it and add to it with Miss Zella!! She will be using her Calico Critters in it, rather than dolls- who couldn't love these cute thangs?!

and this house has so much more character than any modern plastic dollhouse you can get in the store!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Melty Mint Tea Fluff Post

So I stumbled upon this tea at Trader Joe's recently....

and I've fallen in love. The name may suggest a taste similar to this favorite Christmas time treat...

But don't be fooled folks- it took me a few cups to realize why I love it so, so much- it tastes JUST LIKE MELTY MINTS!!! They added a little vanilla and cinnamon with the peppermint to create the most perfcetly sweet and warm mint that seriously replicates the melty variety- and although I don't sweeten my tea- I can only imagine how much a little honey would kick up the candy-like flavor!!


RUN, don't walk and get yourself some, you won't regret it!!