Friday, March 30, 2012

New Love (it's a chair;), Spiced Up Mirror

So I went thrifting with my sister today.

I was in desperate need of some serious R&R after 14 days ....not straight... but within the month of March with Daddy on the road for work- and Mommy (me) juggling my already crazy schedule + 2 littles solo.

There are few things more healing than retail therapy (in my pathetically- consumerist-American brain) . Although one thing I can quickly identify is retail therapy where you spend hardly any $. That happened today!

I found this fabulous, dreamy chair at our 3rd stop. (Savers on the Berlin turnpike). It was love at first sight- then I looked at the price tag and I nearly fell over, or passed out, or had a heart attack....whatever fatal thing might happen when you are in LOVE.
It is clean, streamlined, with a low angled seat- perfect for sitting with my legs all folded up, great 1950's construction, upholstery I can live with until I can reupholster, the list goes on...
It is SO dapper- in a Don Draper sort of way;)
Sure, it needs to be reupholstered eventually. But right now- it's this lovely nubby army green that I am digging for sure.
And here's the kicker-it was $10!!!

I literally took it out of the car and sat my a** in it for 2 hours in the backyard today in the sunshine!
(I had a little snuggler keeping me company as you can see...and NO, he is not nursing, altough, I'm sure he wishes he was;)
If you know me- you know that I am not one for "relaxing". Maybe this chair is the answer to my inner needs?

Onto the mirror project.
When we bought our house there were a few items that were left here (mainly a dresser and 2 mirrors.)
The one below has been hanging in the downstairs powder room for the past several years. It needed to be kicked up a notch or two...

The dark green is not really in my color palette- so I taped off the mirror with scrap papers and blue painters tape...

and took it out to the garage for a quick spray with glossy white spray paint (2 coats)....
 and voila!

such an improvement! It will be displayed on the new shelves that B recently installed in the dining room last weekend...I'll post pics once I'm done "styling" them!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Newest Finished Paintings!!

Two new paintings- both created for a recent commisioned birthday gift from a super thoughtful sister/mother team- for another sister in the family. She and I emailed about colors that she is drawn to- and I went with it.

The second painting below is the one that I originally created for her...and then I wasn't sure if it really captured what I was going for (it is a bit to stormy and muted, although I still like the painting) I created the first one you see here below- which is the one she went with. Check them out!!

The first painting is the one that has been sold- the second if for sale HERE on my Etsy shop if you're interested;)

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Finding balance is an issue for me. Not sure if it's that I over commit myself, or if it's just that I have stress management/time management issues? Regardless of the reason- I frequently feel out of balance.
You might look at my life and think "she does A LOT"- which I do...and I LIKE doing a lot- I like being busy, I like my plate being full- but frequently I find myself feeling like I'm about to DROP THE PLATE- and typically- when that happens- I get sick (which I am right now), and I drop things (like this blog, which I haven't posted on since waaaay back in February.) YIKES!!! And then I feel frustrated, and wish I could clean better, and mother better, and paint more, and chill out more, and go on more dates with my man, and work less....
and then I pull myself back down to reality- and remind myself that all of the tough times are temporary. And really- having TOO MUCH to do- is not all that bad of a could always be worse. And I also acknowledge that helping people, and doing things for others, and being creative makes me feel good- but needs to be done in balance and moderation. everything in moderation.

So- here's the basic gist of my life of late:

LOTs of tissues...I mean , many many boxes- who new your body could produce that much mucus (TMI- I know)

and a little bit of studying- although not as much as I should be:)

preparing for a big-time fundraiser at Z's school- next Saturday!! I made these fun picture holders using this tutorial. It was SO easy, SUPER cheap- and idiot proof- and so much more economical than spending $5 each on wire picture holders- we are going to be using apples as the bases:)

I've been drawing here and there on the bathroom mural- this is a BEAST of a project!! and I can hardly wait to start adding the paint!!

I started this commissioned piece weeks ago- and it didn't feel quite right, so I started another one- they are both almost done....

 and the client will have the choice of #1

or #2

I moved the big yellow painting to the living room- and turned it horizontal, and I'm loving the new layout- I CRAVE change- while I lay in bed blowing my nose and coughing up a lung yesterday and debated moving my bedroom around to satisfy my need for change- I decided to give my weak body a break and move the painting instead;)

I am also working on a sewing project for a pregnant friend- crib skirt (DONE) and curtain (NOT DONE)...but soon!

I WILL feel better soon! positive thinking