Sunday, April 22, 2012

A PB&J Square Kinda Night

This tired grad-student-mama needs a snack...

a couple of these and cup of peppermint tea = perfection!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dining Room Updates, Golden Eggs, Cherub Tushies and The MONSTER

I've discovered that I am now an epic-post kind of blogger. While I wish I had more time to post a few times a week like I did back in the day...I realize that, plain and simple, I just DON"T. So I figure I might as well make them meaty when I do post- especially since its so few and far between!

A quick announcement:::

If you access my blog via Facebook, I will be closing my FB account (WAANT-WAA)... Why? To put it briefly- I waste time on it-more importantly, time that I don't actually have:)

SO- if you want to keep reading my blog (thank you for reading my blog)- I recently added an email link on the left hand margin- simply type your email address in and you will get emails when I post new entries- that way you can keep up!! Thanks!

Okay- so- D recently installed these shelves in the dining room for me.

They are from IKEA- we went with two rows, two per row, four shelves total. We purchased them a couple months ago and they have been laying on the floor of the dining room collecting dust/cat hair;)
I was glad to get them up and styled!!

My vision for this room is starting to come together. The final piece is this HUGE buffet, (and refinishing the little desk, as well as reupholstering the couch)

I am not a fan (of the buffet)- but I don't want to be wasteful- the size is great, and I don't want to spend the $ to get a whole new piece. SO I figured by adding shelves to the wall above, and then (next step) replacing/fixing the doors, replacing the hardware, and potentially adding a new top...oh- and new paint... and it should be in good shape!!

After having various pieces up in the room (I am constantly changing the art layout in this house), I created a gallery style wall the other day- that I feel good about...take a look

I may add one more vertical framed print to the right side...we shall see....

We had a lovely- eventful Easter - I could do a whole separate post-but I will spare you the details and leave you with this fun little project:

We decorated eggs this year! I found a great picture on a blog that inspired me- so I decided to slap some gold leaf on the decorated eggs- they came out so pretty...the turquoise one looks like a little globe, no?

First you apply the adhesive- let it dry (blow on it and it dries faster;), then you stick the gold leaf on, and brush of the excess, easy-peasy (you can get the supplies at a craft store)

Oh- I recently "treated" myself to a very fun ETSY purchase- I've been on the hunt for a pair of table lamps to add lighting to the dining room. NO LUCK. While browsing ETSY the other day I came across these lovely orange cherub lamps. While the orange was fabulous- it wouldn't work in my I messaged the seller about a color change and she was wonderfully helpful and switched the color in less than a weeks time!!! Check out her fun shop!

They arrived today- aren't they darling...

and the tushie of course:

I love how unexpected they are in the space. Clearly I do not have a a french-revival style house- but the blue enamel gives them a modern vibe- and with a nice clean white linen drum shade...LAMP PERFECTION! Oh and they are rewired- and they were $60 for the set!!! Did I mention I LOVE ETSY?!

The MONSTER I'm referring to is the mammoth mural project I have undertaken in our powder room...
The idea and original inspiration was very strong in my creative mind. Since starting the project I have felt some serious doubt- although I'm starting to turn the corner- and I am persevering!

here's how its looking

this sucker is gonna take a long LONG time. I'll be lucky if it's done by the end of the summer. But it's one of those projects that I look forward to putting time into when I can...a labor of love if you will...I'll be sad when it's done:)