Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project File: Refurbished Kids Table and Chairs

Here' s the latest project that I finished today.
We recently received this fabulous handmade kids table and chair set from some friends with an older child.  The bones and lines were good- but it had seen better days for sure...
I did my best with sandpaper (although an electric sander would have been better- but, I'm impatient- and it's a kids table...not to say they don't deserve a perfectly sanded table, but I know it's going to get grubby again soon!)
Then I primed it with an oil based primer.
Then I applied 3 coats of interior semi-gloss in a creamy white color (same color as our kitchen cabinets.)
After much deliberation- I decided to make an owl stencil and do some decorative painting on the backs of the chairs.  I measured and taped a 1" boarder around the back panel, and centered the owl design.
Then, I took some remnants from the oil cloth bench project and cut rectangles of foam to fit the chair seats, and wrapped a piece of the oil cloth over the top and around the sides-then stapled the ends on the underside of the chair.  So now my little angels have some cushy- wipe-able seats:)
While the owls were drying I took a quick snack break and was flipping through the recent West Elm catalog that came yesterday.  I was inspired immediately by the zebra print rug- and applied the idea to the owls:)

Before                                                    After
I have been on a serious hunt for new fabric to make these fabric amazing roller shades for the kitchen windows.  The color scheme in the kitchen is a tough one (due to the pink ceramic tile floor, pink laminate counter tops, and pink backsplash).  We went with off white cabinets (which are also in rough shape and need to be replaced, and chocolate brown walls).  The old curtains are made out of this Premiere Print fabric-

which is a little too similar to the oil cloth bench fabric-
and the kitchen has thus become a little too monochromatic for my taste.  So- after weeks of searching fabric sites- I stumbled upon this, here a fabulous little Etsy fabric shop with TONS of fabric choices.
(Mod Charm by Anthology)
and ordered it.  I'll keep you posted on the roller shade progress (I'm going to use fusible lining to give this quilting cotton fabric some heft). 
What do you think of the fabric???
I liked it because it has a retro feel to the design, it has lots of colors (pink included)- but more importantly yellow and turquoise which are all over the rest of the house.  I think it's a really fun fabric too! 
We will eventually do a total kitchen/dining room renovation- but this is perfect for the meantime!


  1. i'm loving the fabric! it ties in nicely with the pink in the kitchen and the turquoise on the new kid's chairs. love the table and chair set!! adorable!

  2. Seriously, you are so awesome! The kiddie table and chair would have taken me a year to complete, let alone even coming up with the idea. So, so impressed with you. I bow to your awesomeness. Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mama and to be able to witness that creativity!!