Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buzzing on New Project(s)

Geesh- I am in a mode right now where I have so many things that I want to do- and not enough time to do them.  When my life gets this way- I feel likeI am buzzing all over the darn place- accomplishing little bits here and there. It is an excited energy, but it lacks organization, and thus leads to a lack of accomplishing much:(

What helps me when I enter this frazzled state?...LISTS!

Here is the list that I recently wrote in my work journal:

  1. paint/refurbish kids table and chair set
  2. paint trim in entryway
  3. paint interior front door (high gloss black:)
  4. paint stair risers and banister
  5. paint trim on french doors
  6. refurbish dresser (will go in upstairs hallway...Mosie's clothes are overflowing)
  7. refurbish tray and stand in entryway
  8. reupholster bench (more on that FUN project below)
  9. shades for studio
  10. drop off portfolio to local gallery spaces
  11. shades for kitchen
  12. get roof estimates
  13. replace studio ceiling
  14. fix bedroom ceilings
  15. bookroom window frame
  16. bookroom ceiling
you can see why I'm buzzing now, right? 

This is not a complaint- because I truly do like having lots to do.  Even though having a house like ours that needs a lot of work is overwhelming at times- I enjoy change and appreciate the need for change.  If we had a house that was "done" I would be bored silly!

Wish me luck;)

Onto the bench project....
It is in rough shape (this is an extreme understatement)- and it's gotten into even rougher shape since we decided to move it into the kitchen (it's resided in many spots in the house, and has played many "roles" one of which being Frida's scratching post)-
you can imagine- an upholstered bench with a 3 and 2 year eating on it...

I can't believe I'm actually posting this picture- but I want the reveal to be extra amazing when it's all done!

We use this piece in the living room for entertaining too- so I have been debating exactly how I wanted to tackle the reupholstery of the piece. I finally had an idea this weekend after stopping by one of my favorite fabric designer- Anna Maria Horner's blog and website.
I used her fabric for Zella's curtains- and will forever adore the fabric...

She has AMAZING fabrics- they are seriously, so beautiful!  One of the fabrics taht she offers some of her prints in is oil cloth.
What is oil cloth you might ask?...well. It's basically PVC coated fabric- which makes it water repellent.  It clicked that this would be the perfect solution for my bench's fabric dilemma!
While AMH's fabric is unbelievable and gorgeous- I wanted something fairly neutral (so it could move from room to room) and cheap budget friendly:) 

So- I did a search for oil cloth and came to this lovely little Etsy shop. Oil Cloth Addict also has a fabulous blog all about oil cloth!- check it outI ordered me some oil cloth  and can't wait to wrap it around that nasty bench (I will be documenting the process and sharing it soon!)

Here's a peek at the fabric-

Does anybody out there have any new projects that they're starting this week?

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