Monday, November 22, 2010

The Bedroom

Here it is folks- the big reveal!

It's been in the works for a while now- and I finally hung the print above my bed- so I figured I should share it!

Here is the before

and the after

It is so much brighter, and calmer. The lighter color on the wall (by my bright color biased standards) really highlights the mural.  I love the pops of yellow that the lamps, pillows and print add to the room.

Here's the run down on everything in the room now:

Wall Color- 2 coats, interior eggshell Salt Glaze 8030, Martha Stewart

Table Lamps- Ikea, see the how-to here in a past post.

Ceiling lamp- also Ikea- find it here.  I love the simple, industrial feel to it.

Throw Pillows- a very exciting find on Etsy.  I was looking for the perfect fabric- and I came across this shop.  The seller was wonderful- although all the way in Norway (so it took a little while for them to arrive).  She customized these to the exact size that I needed.  It's vintage fabric, backed in linen- and I love the print!

Print- This piece was custom made by my photographer buddy Alexa.  She made these fabulous mantra prints a while back and I knew I wanted one in my bedroom.  I gave her the fabric that I wanted as the background- and I love what she did- so inspiring!  I had her enlarge it 20"x30"- I love how you can see the weave of the fabric up close- it's lovely.  The print says: Bliss cannot be disturbed by gain or loss.  Check out her collection at her Etsy shop.

Bed: Pottery Barn Sumatra bed- D and my first big purchase as a couple- we've owned this bad boy for about 6 years now- and (thankfully) I still love it!- as you can see it takes up basically the entire bedroom (its a king)- it was a requirement when buying a house, that the bed would fit- I'm OK not having anything else in the bedroom- it keeps it clean and simple.  Our clothes are stored in a walk through closet.

Roman Shades- also PB- they don't sell them anymore.  I love the simple white shades in the room.  Typically I would want another window treatment over them, but in here they work.

(The finishing touches would be new lampshades- I'm picturing taller cylindrical natural fiber ones- still looking.... and fancy pillow shames for the 4 white pillows would be lovely- some embroidered with our initials perhaps?, oh, and new bedside tables- maybe at Brimfield in the spring?)

Last but not least- we  have a new addition to the family!

Please welcome my 5th child
(1st being Beau, 2nd being Frida, 3rd being Zella and 4th being Moses)

Yay!!! So exciting!  I have been snapping away all weekend- and I am super excited about this camera!  Thank you to Si for the camera guidance!

The next reveal to come- The living room...just have to paint!

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  1. love, love, LOVVVVEEEEEE the room!! ahh! i just want to curl up and take a nap. it's totally transformed. so soothing and peaceful. and the print looks perfect with the other details.