Friday, November 12, 2010

A Total Sideshow...

...a circus-like side show- better known as my house/life.

I sit here typing with a very weepy little angel-girl on my lap- whose latest break-down of the day was because "Mosie broke my cracker in half"- this lasted about 20 min- are you serious right now????
She must be getting sick- again- gotta love school.

Anyhow- my parents recently brought over my old chin-up bar. (I was heavily into gymnastics from grades 2-4, and I was quite a little monkey, so they got this bar for me and installed hooks in a doorway inside the house- you can take it down when not in use) I had the idea of installing it over here- since I have a couple little circus monkeys living at my house and thought it might be a nice way to expend some energy!

Today Zella mastered a flip through her legs!

Here she is adjusting her necklace of the day- she had to this every time she "landed"
Mom and Sisters- doesn't she look like me in this picture?
(It doesn't occur very often:)

The little guy is starting to get it- although getting a picture of him that isn't blurry with my present camera is tough these days since he doesn't sit still for even a second!

Unless- he's playing in the sink that is.

So- in one of my not-so-smart parenting moves of all time- as Moses was playing in the sink this morning I decided to put in the drain cover so he would stop sticking objects into the garbage disposal hole and then I went into the other room to check my email....
well, during that time (maybe 5 min.) he turned the H2O on full blast and the sink over flowed all over the floor.

Then- of course he decided to splash in it like a rain puddle.  There was so much water- so much that when I went downstairs with them (after cleaning everything up) there were puddles on my desk in the playroom  because the water had leaked through the kitchen floor.

Finding good in a tough situation: I was forced to clean the heck out of my kitchen counters which were flooded with water!


  1. Oh, my this looks like so much fun! I need something like this to get in shape:) have a great day!

    Amy R.

  2. I'd follow these circus monkeys around :). Too cute!