Monday, November 1, 2010

I love fall!

Halloween was a success this year- although the costume  I made for Zella- turned out to be rather difficult to trick-or-treat in:( She was a mermaid after-all, so I attempted to make the bottom look as "tail-like" as possible.  I used a pair of old stretch pants, cut the leg seams, sewed them together in the center, tapered them, then attached the ruffle scales- then I sewed up the ends.  Even though I left a slit in the back- there was not a whole lot of "range of motion", but considering I was not using a pattern, and really- I'm an amature when it comes to sewing....I think it was okay!

The seashell headband and leotard were an easy project and put the finishing touch on the costume!- gotta love the hot glue gun!

I opted to pass the candy out during peek hours this year (at least 350 trick-or-treaters!)- while Shuggie and D walked the kids down the street in the wagon.  I sat on the front steps happily carving my pumpkin!  Inspired by the Martha Stewart Living October issue on pumpkin carving.  I did a cat (sorry- no pic), and next year will do something super fabulous now that I know how easy it is- although tedious! (I used a linoleum cutter)

Here's a picture of my inspiration:

Gorgeous right?  The ones I will tackle next year will be something like one of these:

Zella was happier giving out the candy upon her return then she was collecting it!  I've mentioned before that she loves fashion- well- she was truly into looking at all of the costumes that came by- I wish I could have recorded her- so cute!  She would say things like "I really like your beautiful costume!" and "Wow, look at those fancy ribbons in her hair!"

Moses wore one of the clown costumes my mother had sewn for Em and I when were tiny.  (They both wore them last year)- they are very cute!  He was happiest while eating the candy- the picture below is him scavenging the counter for any pieces within reach:)

Today was beautiful.  Sunny, a little chilly, leaves everywhere- the perfect fall day!

We also made some delicious roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack- so tasty!

I rinsed them really well last night and stuck them in the fridge because I knew I'd have more time today to deal with them. I rinsed them again- patted the excess water off with a dish towel. Then I tossed them with olive oil, salt,and garlic powder and roasted them for 25 min at 350 degrees.
They were really good. For afternoon snack I made a little snack mix with chocolate chips, goldfish, dried cherries and pumpkin seeds.

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