Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Big Three-O

It was a divine weekend!  I can honestly say- I debated for a long time how to spend my 30th birthday- with my family? with my hubby? solo? on an island?  with my sisters only? at a spa?....in the end I opted for the island with sisters and friends and it was perfect!  It was  almost a recreation of my bachlorette weekend- which I look back on fondly (minus 2 other special ladies).  We had so much fun. 

This cottage is pure peace to me- it's simple, not cluttered, clean, private, and quiet.
(contact me if you are interested in renting it- this is the same place form my very first post- D and I took the kids there this past May- equally as lovely for a family vacation)

Here's the view from the yard...


A little walk down one of the many winding dirt roads on the island brings you to this amazingly quiet beach.

To me, this view is total perfection- some day I WILL wake up to a view like this every day!

And then- we ate....

Emily is a master cake-maker- if you ever need a fabulously delicious cake- I will send you her way!  I told her she should start a side business. I can't even describe it's deliciousness- seriously.  We ate cake all day, and night for three days straight!


Ohhhh- and we had a daytime campfire! (we were too scared to do it at night:)  It is a very remote island- so the fear factor definitely increases when darkness falls.


It was chilly- so I had to put my s'more near the fire to melt it properly:)

There was a whole lot of laughing and silly business.  I havn't laughed this hard in a long time.


OH- and how could I almost forget- the lone wolf- our guest of honor- the only male we came in contact with for three days....Mr. Noah Frances Bosley. He was lovin' the beach (fenced in yard- and pet friendly renters is a wonderful thing for us dog owners!)!

Thank you ladies for making my special day perfection!  I feel very honored to have friends like you!

I came home to happy, greatful-to-see-me babes, and beautiful birthday flowers from my man, a delicious meal cooked by my parents, and a little family b-day party with my sisters, parents and in-laws.  It was a great way to end a fabulous weekend!


  1. i had a fab time - we need to do a weekend like this again! SO FUN! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Your photos look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Did you get your new camera?

  3. I wish I could say the camera was mine! Ems BF Simon- photog extrodnaire lent us his back-up camera. Im still deciding what to get:)