Friday, November 5, 2010

A little getaway

This will be a very quick post- as I have just spent the past several hours redesigning my blog- adding some links to my artwork, etc.  I had a burst of inspiration after reading the posts of two of my daily go-to bloggers (, and )- and feeling particularly inspired to pursue the path that I want to lead in life.  I find it very fitting considering that I will be turning the big 30 this weekend!  Not such a big deal to me- I've never been one for a fuss made over my birthday- but I did want to do something super fun.

Fun to me is all about relaxation (at least right now in my life).  So- me, my sissy's and a childhood friend will be embarking on a weekend getaway!!!  I am super-psyched for sure.  Wine, games, trashy celebrity gossip magazines, campfires, smores, homemade pizza, Em's chocolate cake, not being woken up by children 2 days in a row, the ocean- oh- it's gonna be divine!  I will post next week about the birthday adventure for sure.

Take a look at my new blog layout and let me know what you think!  I welcome the feedback.  Have a fabulous weekend.

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