Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project File: Oil Cloth Bench

So- if you remember my previous post- about this old might be impressed by the results (I know I certainly am!)

and BEFORE....

Here are the tools I employed.

The first step was to remove all of the old fabric- it was really gross.  This was the most tedious part- there were MANY staples that needed to be pulled out!!!

The legs are a whole other story- and they probably took up the most time in the entire project.  Basically- they were poorly assembled/attached in the first place- so over the years we  D, has reattached them more securely- so after all of the re-upholstering was done, there was more than one HD trip spent getting supplies for the final leg repair:)

I decided to leave the old batting on- which wasn't in too bad of shape- and add an extra layer.  I ended up getting a twin size egg crate ($8) and cutting it to fit width wise over the 3 sides (I left the ends alone).

I used this to hold it in place while I stapled it around the bench.

Once that was done I headed downstairs to the sewing room to begin the cover!

I cut 5 panels of the oilcloth, leaving 1" seam allowance. Then I pinned them into place.

I'll admit- I was a little nervous about the sewing (having never used the oil cloth before)- but it was super-easy!  The hardest part was probably handling the inflexibility of the fabric- especially since I was sewing such a large item- but other than that- it was great!
I found some tips on the process here.

Oh- and I had this lovely little helper boy in tow during the process.  He's my professional pin-sticker.  Dangerous???? perhaps- but I look at it as a dexterity building exercise, great for fine motor coordination:) He was happy as can be!

After sewing  together the 3 side panels, I pinned the edges on while the sewn panels were inside out on the bench, slid off the pined cover- and finished stitching.

It fits pretty good!
Then we reattached all the legs- and put it in it's resting place at the kitchen table.
It reminds me of vinyl furniture covers that would be in a grandparents house...but classier;)
Perfect for a house with little ones, I can literally just wipe it right off!

The oil cloth came from here, fabulous service by the way;) and a great selection of oil cloth!

This weeks Project List :

#1: pillow covers (1 for a little bolster for Mosie's bed, and 2 for the living room pillows here- wait till you see the fabric I got for these- it's awesome!!!)

#2: paint the kids dining set and cover the table top with the matching oil cloth I used on the bench.


  1. It looks great! i love oilcloth!


  2. I shared your great project on my Oilcloth Addict Blog!

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Your bench is gorgeous, I love the print you've picked out. I have this linked to my oilcloth post as well today - for inspiration!