Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mosie's New Cat and Living Room Additions

Mosie has a new kitty in his room- which he is very excited about!

Zella has an owl- and he needed a little something...

On a totally separate note- I've added a few touches to the living room lately...the painting I posted this past weekend, I also found these 2 huge pillows at Home Goods the other day on mega-clearance. These were needed, because I took the back cushions off of the couch years ago (I liked the lines better without them)- but the lack of comfort was finally getting to me.  These make a huge difference!

I ordered a fabric from Etsy the other day and will attempt to make my first zippered pillow covers!!!!! next week sometime:) should be quit the adventure!

You might have noticed the new lamp (it's the Chelsea Sectional Floor Lamp)- now that's a long story....

This would be our 5th- yes- you read it right- 5th PB lamp for our living room.  We had purchased 2 separate PB floor lamps over the years- that were not cheap- by my very cheap standards- and both of the models had been replaced at least 1x (they were both jointed lamps and the metal snapped in half totally unexpectedly). So- PB graciously replaced the 1st two lamps- that brings the total up to 4. 
When the replacement of one of the lamps broke a couple weeks back- we went back to the store (without a receipt) and they gave a us a credit toward a new lamp (covered about 1/3 the cost of it)- we chose this one here- pictured above.  I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this sucker lasts (a lifetime- right? aren't floor lamps supposed to last a lifetime????)- but, I kept my receipt just in case!

OH- I also picked up this turquoise Buddha head- which I love- I think it's a lawn ornament?

I have decided to set a new weekly goal/limit towards "projects".  2 per week- enough to keep me busy and keep me from going insane:)

This weeks list
1: Mosie's kitty
2: Oil cloth covered bench (in progress....)

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  1. Crazy Lamp story.I would think they should last a lifetime? Can't wait to see the oilcloth covered bench.