Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Window Washers and Unrelated Studio Time

They have a new hobby of late....and I am in FULL support of it:)

 She is the director/scrubber

and he is the sprayer

Nothin' like a little teamwork to get the job done;)

It keeps them busy for a while, and it cleans my very dirty window paynes- one of the many things that has fallen off of my too long to-do list. It's very Montessori don't you think?  I visited a montessori school last year as when I was looking for a pre-school for Z, and when I was there we walked past a classroom door that had various port hole style windows.  I noticed some suds on the window and the director said "someone is doing their work"- so cute.

I got some beautiful daytime work hours in my studio the other day.  It was amazing!
The picture below is the tree outside my windows- paintings inspired by trees is a frequent theme in my work- and what better inspiration then the first signs of spring?

I hope to reveal the finished paintings by the end of the week! 

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