Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Check out my cutie booties

After much much much too much deliberation on their indecisive behalf's I decided on a peacock and bat- thankfully they were cool with it. Initially I VOWED to buy their costumes this year and give myself  a break- and I tried- but once Moses' dino costume arrived and it was 12 inches too short (yes, I know, I know- HE'S TALL...but not THAT tall) I said forget it and went to Joanne's and slapped together these 2 fairly simple costumes in a few hours (inspiration via Pinterest).

And if you want to see Halloween madness- come to my block. We gave out $90 worth of candy and we shut the lights off at 7pm because we were out---- FOR REAL!!!

We had a fun night- but honestly my heart is heavy tonight. Between the insane devastation and aftermath from this weeks hurricane- so many people lost their homes, lives, and family members.
That coupled with the personal sadness we have been experiencing since last night when my sweet kitty Frida did not come home for dinner (just this summer we began letting her outside and she has been SO much happier, she usually stays very close to the house, we have scouredd the neighborhood, sent out crazy neighborhood-wide emails, etc.-tomorrow I'll be posting LOST CAT signs).... my heart is feeling pretty low right now. Please send positive thoughts to the animals guardians out there to help her find her way home soon:)

Love you Free

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've been meaning to post this for a LONG time- and I am home sick with the little man today- so while he plays with his Duplos- I'm gonna take some time to share an awesome field trip I went on this past summer...I was lucky enough to take my big sis and little Zel along for the ride.

MASS MoCA or the Massachusetts museum of modern art is a hidden gem in New England located in the old mill town of North Adams MA- and it's AMAZING!  Totally and completely worth the trip. Even Zella- 5 at the time had an awesome time. There is a ton to see- lots of fabulous installation pieces that are fun for kids to explore and they have an awesome collection to boot- oh- and a great menu at their eatery (all local ingredients, etc.)

Auntie Em and Z posing in front of the amazing Sol LeWitt installations- Mass MOCA has an entire building filled with his amazing designs.

This piece was in a HUGE room- there were broken mirrors all over the place, and crazy stars and then this whole lifted alter scene in the front of the indoor football field sized room- INSANE!

Mama, Zella and Sol:)

She's a superstar:)

Here's a great example of the installations- this was in the Oh Canada! exhibit and it was this crazy crafted igloo/tent- with felt boots of all sizes lined up around the exterior perimeter-you stepped into the boots and entered the "snowy world" and sat on these wooden stumps amongst the snow and watched this crazy snowy silent movie- very cool.
 I love art that makes you feel transformed.

On our way home we stopped in this amazing field of flowers to snap some pics:)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mixin It Up

I have been out of my groove lately...not sure if it's stress, or what but I'm far from my A game.  So Friday I had a burst of creativity and rearranged the house a bit...I really think I just needed a creative outlet (I have NOT been making enough time for myself in the studio, and it shows!) but this seemed to do the trick!!

New foot stool/storage ottoman purchase from the new Target line- it was on clearance to boot!! and super chic and versatile (although the kids can both hide in it and sit on it- so I have a feeling it will not stay chic for long;)

Instant house face-lift and Hannah mood-lift! DONE!!

We are in the midst of SLOWLY planning our kitchen remodel. By slow- I mean it probably will not happen until I am done with school...i.e JUNE (mainly beause we will be doing as much o fthe work as possible).  But the key here is we are doing it on a super-duper small budget, which requires a whole lot more planning/shopping/scrimping/saving and research.

SO, if I can indeed successfully pull off a full kitchen remodel for under $10,000 (not including appliances) but including floors, counters, cabinets, electrical and plumbing and potential wall removal- I will be sure to document the process because it will be a MIRACLE!!

Below are my main sources of inspiration:

The must have list right now is as follows:

1. New Floors (I pulled up 2 tiles last week- and we have concerns about what I found -D is sending some crazy old nasty substrate for testing to make sure its not asbestos- PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me!!! Because if it is- that will throw a SERIOUS wrench in my budget!! )
The options on the table now for flooring are new ceramic tile (possibly chevron in configuration, we would be doing this ourselves) or salvaging the questionable flooring underneath (looks to be one sub floor from the 1920s- but not sure how far it goes...
OR getting new hardwoods installed to match the existing in the rest of the home.)

2. Expansion!
We are looking into having the wall removed between the kitchen and dining room!- then creating a "peninsula" type configuration which would contain the oven/stove in its current location (to save $ so we don't have to move the gas line, etc.)

3. Cabinets!!!
Super excited about this one- still trying to decide which way to go...IKEA perhaps? independent cabinet guy maybe? simple clean white shaker- or white flat glossy front, or dark flat bamboo panels???

4. Counters
Still not sure on this one too- it will either be straight, clean, white corian OR a light colored granite (white base with gray/cream splotches)

5. Back splash
We have discussed a clean painted glass back splash- maybe a creamy pale turquoise color? OR I am started to really lOVE subway tiles to the ceiling (just on one wall)- There is a marble subway tile at Home Depot that I am totally loving (price especially) and I really love a chevron pattern here too (if we were to salvage the existing floors and not do tile on the floor)

That's the idea list thus far...hope you are not incredibly bored;) Ill keep y'all posted on the progress!!