Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've been meaning to post this for a LONG time- and I am home sick with the little man today- so while he plays with his Duplos- I'm gonna take some time to share an awesome field trip I went on this past summer...I was lucky enough to take my big sis and little Zel along for the ride.

MASS MoCA or the Massachusetts museum of modern art is a hidden gem in New England located in the old mill town of North Adams MA- and it's AMAZING!  Totally and completely worth the trip. Even Zella- 5 at the time had an awesome time. There is a ton to see- lots of fabulous installation pieces that are fun for kids to explore and they have an awesome collection to boot- oh- and a great menu at their eatery (all local ingredients, etc.)

Auntie Em and Z posing in front of the amazing Sol LeWitt installations- Mass MOCA has an entire building filled with his amazing designs.

This piece was in a HUGE room- there were broken mirrors all over the place, and crazy stars and then this whole lifted alter scene in the front of the indoor football field sized room- INSANE!

Mama, Zella and Sol:)

She's a superstar:)

Here's a great example of the installations- this was in the Oh Canada! exhibit and it was this crazy crafted igloo/tent- with felt boots of all sizes lined up around the exterior perimeter-you stepped into the boots and entered the "snowy world" and sat on these wooden stumps amongst the snow and watched this crazy snowy silent movie- very cool.
 I love art that makes you feel transformed.

On our way home we stopped in this amazing field of flowers to snap some pics:)



  1. Your daughter is so cute--her facial expressions crack me up!

  2. Hope you guys are ok after the storm. Did you sustain any damage?