Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Check out my cutie booties

After much much much too much deliberation on their indecisive behalf's I decided on a peacock and bat- thankfully they were cool with it. Initially I VOWED to buy their costumes this year and give myself  a break- and I tried- but once Moses' dino costume arrived and it was 12 inches too short (yes, I know, I know- HE'S TALL...but not THAT tall) I said forget it and went to Joanne's and slapped together these 2 fairly simple costumes in a few hours (inspiration via Pinterest).

And if you want to see Halloween madness- come to my block. We gave out $90 worth of candy and we shut the lights off at 7pm because we were out---- FOR REAL!!!

We had a fun night- but honestly my heart is heavy tonight. Between the insane devastation and aftermath from this weeks hurricane- so many people lost their homes, lives, and family members.
That coupled with the personal sadness we have been experiencing since last night when my sweet kitty Frida did not come home for dinner (just this summer we began letting her outside and she has been SO much happier, she usually stays very close to the house, we have scouredd the neighborhood, sent out crazy neighborhood-wide emails, etc.-tomorrow I'll be posting LOST CAT signs).... my heart is feeling pretty low right now. Please send positive thoughts to the animals guardians out there to help her find her way home soon:)

Love you Free

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  1. Frida!!!! No. That's so sad. I'll send out positive thoughts for you, girl. I'm so sorry:( I hope your parents/parent's house is okay-I heard Mansfield didn't do so well in the hurricane. xo