Sunday, March 6, 2011

Super Inspired!!!

The other day I stopped by a new favorite blog-read of mine Little Green Notebook.  Jenny had this FABULOUS post- about using a Rorschach ink blot as inspiration for interior design.  I was so excited by this post- and felt an immediate burst of inspiration!

Jenny sites  Jay-Z's  memoir Decoded as the inspiration behind this fabulous design idea. D got it as a Christmas gift- and the cover is stunning.
(From Jenny's post- it is a Warhol painting entitled Rorschach).

I immediatly felt that the interesting, yet super simple design- done on a large scale- would be INSANE for my mantel. (I've been searching for the right piece to put there since I started re-designing the room- but wanted something different from my typical style). 

SO- I set off on a mission- to create an ink blot inspired painting for our mantle. 

Check it:

Here's what I did- first  I created an ink blot on a large piece of drawing paper with Ralph Lauren's  Regent Metallics collection in Golden Candelsticks, it's an  inetrior latex paint which I used here and here in previous mural projects. 

I made sure to put large amounts of paint on the paper so that I would then be able to transfer the design to the canvas. (I'm feeling the look of the original print more because of it's opacity- but I wanted the look of the wrapped canvas as opposed to a framed print).

Once that was complete I centered the paper onto the canvas and transfered the design.
This step did not go exactally as I had hoped- the canvas did not recieve the paint like the paper did (paper is more absorbant- possibly raw canvas would work better?)

So then I went back into the design with a series of smaller "ink blot" monoprints over the original design to add details and create a little more interest and also make it a little larger. The grainy print quality on the canvas is starting to grow on me:) 

I'm planning on playing around with the process more- it was fun!  What do you think??? I'm thinking a set of maybe 4 smaller ones could be really cool too.

....and thank you SO much to Jenny from Little Green Notebook for the design inspiration!


  1. Looks AMAZING! Great job and thanks for sharing!!


  2. LOVE!!!!! What an amazing idea! I'll have to check out that blog b/c that's some serious inspiration! I love the way it came out and it's look perfect on the mantel.

  3. Seriously cool Hannah!! I think I have to try this~ Jennifer

  4. Great idea, looks good!!

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  5. You painting looks great! I really love the bottom detail.

  6. I was inspired by the same post on LGN! As soon as I saw it I dug through my craft stash to try to find something to make my own Rorschach-inspired print. I LOVE how yours turned out! By the way, I found my way over here via LGN. I look forward to exploring your older posts!