Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bedroom mural

I began the construction of this mural while pregnant with Moses. The main inspiration for this piece came to me as I began to explore the world of interior design on a more in-depth level. I have always loved to put things together in my living space, taking inspiration from various sources.  I fell in love with the cover of the Domino design book (a birthday gift from my sissy a couple years back).  The chinoiserie themed painting on the cover is gorgeous-

 I  then started to think about what I could see on the wall of my bedroom. 
As an artist I find that I have "vision"-type moments, where I can actually see a painting in my mind before I create it. It is a strange process- and it usually happens when I am not "trying", typically while doing something unrelated. As I get older, and more trusting of myself as an artist- I find these moments really exciting.  My end product is not typically the same as the original "vision" but there are always elements of it within the finished piece. 
 This original mural (in my head) started off as ferns- or silhouettes of ferns with butterflies flying around them. The "goal" was for a flat landscape/design that replicated high-end wallpaper.  
The bug inspiration came from the AMAZING artist Irene Hardwicke Olivieri - here is a clip of her work- check out her website to see more- so totally inspiring!

(I did not get permission to post this on my blog- so please go visit her site if you have any questions/inquiries- thanks!)

The painting that really set me off on a bug-spin is called When you choose one you are letting all the rest go , 1997 oil on wood. (I could not find the image and do not have a scanner)- but it is a portrait of a woman, shoulders-up who has this wig/helmet that is made of finely detailed bugs- mostly beetles. It's crazy-cool.

 I always like to share my ideas with B- especially since this one was for our bedroom- (where he also sleeps every night)- and he was not so keen on the butterflies. So....the butterflies then turned into beetles...the inspiration for those came from one of Zella's books on bugs-

(My Book Of Bugs by Valerie Davies, 2009)

and after tyring to draw out the ferns- I quickly gave up, thinking  knowing it would take me years, rather than months to complete and went with flowers instead.

Here is the finished product.....

  I seriously debated putting it on the wall behind the bed (and sometimes still second guess that decision), but I like to wake up to this view every morning!
I am now considering repainting the rest of the walls- white perhaps?!  I never thought I would have white walls anywhere in my house- but I really want to highlight the mural, and make the room more simple, fresh and modern. 
 I am also thinking of these photos from my fabulous photographer friend Alexa at LolaRain Photography. for the wall behind the bed. 
These prints (and others) are available on her Etsy shop at

I am in love with these prints.  I think I will frame 3 or 4 of them in brushed nickle frames for above the bed- talk about inspiring! 

I will post pics of the finished room when I get it all together...someday!

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  1. I LOVE your murals!! I hope we end up buying a house close enough to you so I can commission you to paint murals on our walls! You are such an inspiring artist:) And thank you for the compliment and links to my work! I did put the prints up in my Etsy shop. You can order any of them in whatever size you'd like by emailing me with your request. You can also mix and match by requesting a specific mantra on a specific/different pattern. Then when I have your requests, I will put a custom order up with your name on it (in my shop) and you can purchase it that way. Bear in mind, I'm on vacation till July 5th. xo