Sunday, June 6, 2010

Divine Inspiration

Let me begin with my Angel Babies....

....they are truly and completely the loves of my life.  I always knew it would be this good- motherhood, but it so much more complex then I could even imagine.
The joy, the worry, the pride, the laughter, the hurt, the irritation, the patience, the connectedness- each day is more then the next- amazing.

I am blessed

We recently took our first family vacation to Prudence Island, RI.  A super-remote spot in the Narraganset Bay.  It was such a relaxing place, a true getaway.  Here's a few more pics from our trip!

My first baby- Beau, asleep in the car on the ferry ride over to the island

Z-booty checking out the "eagle"....

The other great love in my life- my husband B- with Mosie.

It was a great trip!


  1. I love that you have a blog, Hannah! You are such a sweet and tender soul... and your family is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! ~Sherry

  2. Wow! Hannah your so creative...I love your BLOG...You go girl!!!Shelley Denson