Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paint! Bathroom "reno"

       So....usually when I speak of paint- it is paint on canvas- but unfortunately this paint post is about a more practical type of painting- on walls. While painting on walls and interior decorating does give me a great sense of satisfaction- it is not quite as soothing for me as painting on canvas:)

      For those of you who have seen my upstairs bathroom prior to 2 weeks ago- you will know what I mean when I say it was a sight for sore eyes! Although it was not nearly as horrible as the Boulevard bath prior to the reno.- it was very uninspiring.  Inspiration is a must for me in bathrooms in order to keep up with the cleaning- I like to know that it's really gonna look good after all the scrubbing and sweating.  So for me, this budget bathroom remodel was motivating. It was one of the few rooms that we hadn't "touched" since moving into our house a year and half ago.  Knowing that our budget is extremely tight at the present time, I knew this project would have a very small budget.  The plan is to do a total bathroom remodel somewhere down the line- so this was more of a "temporary fix". I was having trouble living with the scary hole in the ceiling:)- so I knew it was time to do something!

(I was not thinking very far beyond the sunny Saturday that I chose to tackle this project, otherwise I would have taken "before" pics- so I only have the "afters".....)

...please excuse the garbage can- which is typically on the back of the toilet so that Moses doesn't get his mitts into it!...

....missing toilet paper roll- same deal as above- Moses and his mitts:)

Wall color- (apx. $30) I found it in the May 2010 Martha Stewart Living magazine.  There is a fabulous article on "superneutrals" pg. 131- very good source if you're stuck on what color to choose for a space. This is Ash Bark MSL211, from the Martha Stewart line- which you can pick up at Home Depot.
(2 quick coats of interior semi-gloss did the trick after priming some rough spots and patching the ceiling hole.)

Shade- ($35) Target online-Celedon Natural Woven Roller Shade- mounted inside the window.

Curtain- ($10/yard) I found a great tutorial on one of my favorite blogs www.flythroughourwindow.com
Here's the link:
the sewing process was not too tricky- although the sewing of the folds on this "fixed roman shade" threw me for a loop.  I am planning on making a few more of these for various naked windows in our house- as I love the look of them!- and they are way cheaper than buying roman shades, and a whole lot simpler than making working roman shades
(a feat I have yet to attempt!)
The fabric is from my favorite online fabric store:  Premier Prints
Check it out!!!!   A great selection, tons of fabulous prints, colors and options, all $10 a yard or less- upholstery weight fabric.  It's a great resource!
This fabric- I am in love with- its the Mingei print in Bristol/Natural- I am debating putting this fabric in my chocolate brown kitchen as well....that is if I can convince the hubby ;)- he's not so keen on the flowers, and has quite the opinion on my various design choices:)

Towels and Shower Curtain- Target! In the store, super inexpensive!  I got the shower curtain, 2 towels and 4 washcloths for $40!.

The last thing to do is hang some artwork in here, I'm thinking of purchasing these prints from artist Kimberly Applegate and it's done. only $20 a piece for a 5"x5" giclee print- so cute as a set on the wall with matching frames!

(I originally found this artist through another favorite design blog www.elementsofstyle.com)

I also have a few paintings by Zella that I'm considering for above the toilet- we shall see!
  Pretty simple, not to much work, all materials were $120 total!  My inspiration to clean the bathroom on a regular basis is back!
(more to come soon on my canvas paintings and current mural projects!)


  1. Just makin' sure we are up and running!

  2. Love the new template and the bathroom looks fabulous! Such an improvement.

  3. The chair photos are a hoot and will add a funky touch of whimsey to an already great bathroom redo. Having seen the "before" status, I can attest to the huge improvement!!