Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Smooze, GoGo Boots, and Old Friends

Smooze are sooooo good!  We are partial to the mango variety- and with the weather we've been having lately in CT- not only are we going through many of these tasty treats a day- we are contemplating moving to Antarctica:)

This weekend was packed full of graduation parties and get-togethers with dear old friends that I don't get to see very often- we had a lot of fun! 

Friday night was spent with Kim N. and Ana- I didn't have my camera that night- but there were a lot of laughs, chips, and I stayed out later then I have in a LONG time! 

We were lucky to get to see Kim and her beautiful babes earlier that day as well.  The highlight of Z's day was a gift from Gracie- the beautiful snow boots pictured below.  D and I have been called her go-go-girl because she won't take them off (despite the 90 degree heat), and insists on wearing them with her uniform blue bathing suit.... thank you Kim!!!!;)- oh- and she loves the book and castle too!

Saturday night was spent with my favorite sisters, Annie's fabulously sweet roommate Aly, and my old friend Sarah, who I love dearly (she was in town for a wedding).  We spent the evening at Annie and Aly's new, adorable apartment- granted it was hotter than H-E-L-L-but fun- so we eventually made our way outside and over to a bar for a few more laughs....

I think Sarah looks like a model for a Modigliani painting in this one...

Sar telling/acting out one of her no-doubt hilarious stories

Playing truth of dare on Emily's iPhone at the bar

I am grateful for good friends- we missed you Kel!- xoxo

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  1. Waah@\! So sad I missed it. I LOVE these pictures though!