Friday, March 25, 2011

A Roof Over Our Heads

At long last- we are getting a new roof! Hallelujah!!!!
We are in a desperate situation here- I have revealed one of the various ceilings of our house here- and, although this one is probably (and thankfully) the worst- the stress of knowing the instability of the roof- is stressing me out!

SO- we bit the bullet! Not the most rewarding purchase you might think...but honestly I feel so good about spending this $- it's taking a huge weight off my shoulders.  Plus-it's allowed me the pleasure of dreaming up color schemes for the exterior of the house (something I've been holding off on until the roof is done- and I'm glad I waited- because it's a HUGE MESS!)
This next project, I will be taking on myself.  My Dad is a house painter by trade- and I was lucky enough to work a couple summers when I was off from teaching, as his assistant.  Maybe this summer...but more than likely next summer:)
I'm thinking (hoping) they will be done next week:)

Here are a couple of my favorite roof job shots- inspiration comes in some interesting places....
I'm calling this one "Nail Flower"
They left one day and I noticed the shovel balancing on the chimney- "how cool- great picture" was my initial thought- then I began thinking of the potential for an accident- i.e shovel in the head...thankfully all heads are intact:)

and here's the resulting painting...still in progress...
I love the little spaces that formed between the leaves, they remind me of tide pools.

This painting was done on primed board- something new for me- I thought I'd give it whirl- I liked working on it although it was really different than canvas- you can see the linear texture of the wood- which I think works with my highly textural series.

Now I just need to figure how to use those amazing nails for mono printing;)


  1. absolutely lovely!!! Amazing color and texture:)

  2. love the colors! this might be my favorite painting of yours ever! and i love artist panels! the painting course i just took actually suggested them over canvas. different.