Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's snowing!!
My class tonight was canceled (because it's snowing)
I finally have time to post!!!!

My excitement right now is very real- I assure you!!

I've have so much posting inspiration lately- so I will try to paraphrase here so as not to bore you to death:)

Let's see....

First of all- my advertisement introduction is up today over on Living Savvy - check it out!!! It was a PLEASURE working with Tiffany, she is a fabulous DIYer- and I am so excited for this new venture in art promotion!!

Bathroom update:
Here's how it's looking, post paint application

Dark and moody, no? The color is tricky- sometimes it looks black, other times blue, other times purple...

For some reason I  LOVE the way the radiator looks:)

I also started to draw out the image, using watercolor pencils...

and I added some accessories (mostly because I hosted a baby shower for Alexa here last weekend and wanted it to look presentable:)

I did this super easy DIY towel bar.
My idea stemmed from a friends powder room- also tiny and limited space, and she has a sink with a built-in towel bar under it, so I created my own like this:

I found this super cheap towel ring at Target last week (I figured I wouldn't invest since I wasn't sure it would work)

and I simply glued it to the underside of the sink

and voila! Perfecto!

Oh- and on the home improvement front- I got this fabulous new piece of art for the dining room. I heard about this artist on another blog (not sure which one???) either way- her name is
Debbie Carlos- she takes these gorgeously dreamy pictures, and you can buy prints- BIG prints (which is what I needed for the space). She has them printed on a plotter- so they are kind of grainy up close, and very large.

This image I saw months ago and couldn't get it out of my head- it's called Woods-  it's so interesting- and most of all it reminds me of the swamp next to my parents house, where my sisters and I spent hours exploring as was a magical place!

I love the modern look that it adds to the space- to hang it- I inserted 4 screws into the wall where the 4 corners would be- and bought these little mighty magnets which give it a nice clean hanging look:)

Total project cost for the print, and magnets- $60- not bad at all!!

Next to the print you may have noticed these little guys...

A friend of mine recently asked me a question about gold leafing (something I used in a previous series of paintings) she was going to gold leaf a opossum's skull she bought off of Etsy (SO COOL), so while beach combing recently with the Babes, I found these 2 spider crab shells....
I gold leafed them with a gold leaf pen (so SUPER easy) and hung them on thumb tacks. I love the touch of shine/texture/shape/interest they add to the wall.

the other pieces are: (left) a painting I made when I was in high school (I'd be willing to sell me if you're interested!) , and (right) an old Chinese watercolor that I bought from a tag sale ( for a quarter!!) with the intention of using the frame, and decided to keep the little landscape in it.

Another quick crafting DIY.
For the baby shower I wanted to do an original- non-cheesy craft project for the parents-to-be. A friend at work suggested a onesie decorating table (I subtracted the puffy-paint;)- and ran with it!

I did the dragonfly on the night before as a sample, and embellished it with some thread- although this is not necessary!

Here's what we did:

I created silhouettes of various animals out of cardboard- we traced them onto fusible interfacing, cut out the shape (peeled off 1 side of the backing, then stuck the shapes onto fabric, cut again, peeled off the remaining backing leaving the fusing on the fabric, and ironed for 20 seconds to affix the shape to the onesie- SO CUTE, and really quite simple.....I'm toying with the idea of opening a onesie shop on Etsy;)

I will end with a picture of my Outdoor Bunnies- eating their lunch in the wagon as I drew on the bathroom walls the other day- mind you- it's been a warmer than ususal Connecticut winter;)

I think that's all for now....

Happy SNOW DAY everyone!! WHOOOO HOOOOO:)


  1. hey superwoman! glad you got a snow break! can't wait to see the bathroom when you finish it.

  2. What a gorgeous bathroom project. And the kiddos are awesome too :)