Sunday, February 12, 2012

Homegoods: You Rock My World

I went today
I went for lamps
or sheets
and I came home with this:

and these other fabulous little nuggets
the first one. especially. is a gem
a gem that is 1: sparkly, 2: turquoise, 3:$12 on double clearance, 4: the most beautiful trash can EVER
nuf' said
no sheets, or time

oh- and the reason for my little shopping trip- I decided, Friday, that I am redoing my downstairs bath
it was in desperate need! and I was in desperate need of a project!!

Here is how it looked before:

It's super tiny as you can see- it's really just a little "water closet/powder room", and it needed a face lift!
If you follow me on Pintrest, you may have seen my numerous pins of this INSANE fabric
SICK, right? It's by Joesf Frank, and I think it's brilliant.
I love it- I covet it, I dream of kind of looks like a dream...

I saw it a few months back in this equally stunning House Beautiful spread (take a look at the link- it's probably my favorite recently published house spread- I LOVE it...the simple lines, the whitewashed wood- heavenly)

and I have decided that I am going to paint a mural, based on the fabric on all of the walls of the tiny bathroom. I'm employing the "go big, or go home" approach in this space. It's gonna be drama with a capitol D. I figure...why not? You are in there for 5 min.s max- it might as well be exciting, right?

So- Friday, during nap/rest time- I stripped this sickly sweet strawberry wallpaper off the walls (it thankfully went better than I thought it would) I started by peeling the top layer off by hand- leaving the backing stuck to the walls.

Then, with my handy spray bottle- I dowsed each panel in hot water

and then scraped each panel off by hand- it was similar to scraping paint- or maybe even like using an ice scraper on your windshield. It took a good deal of effort- but since the room is tiny- I thankfully didn't get bored and had it done in a few hours.

I took Saturday off, and today I was back at it- scrubbing the adhesive off by hand using a trusty scrubber sponge, and soapy water.

I picked up the paint today too, so here's the plan:
I went with this Martha Stewart color: wrought iron gate

rather than pure black (like the inspiration fabric) I opted for a super dark navyish hue- I thought it would have more depth.
The trim (window trim, shutter, baseboards, radiator, chair rail) will all be in this color as well in high gloss. The walls both above and below the chair rail will be in the same color in eggshell- and the mural will be painted on all of the walls, above and below in one continuous pattern- to look like wallpaper. The ceiling will be the high gloss, I think:)

CAN NOT WAIT to reveal this space!!!


  1. What a work of art your home is. Can't wait to see. I think we may just have to come to your house next week so I can see all this loveliness. -Denise

    1. Thank you Denise! and YES- I cannot wait for our visit!!

  2. that is a fabulous fabric, I can't wait to see your version! Oh, to be artistically talented like you. :-)

  3. I {heart} home goods! Your finds are great!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! Yes- the homegoods fine were my own personal Vday gifts:)