Thursday, March 31, 2011

100th Post Greatfulness Giveaway!!!!!

Yes folks- it's my very first BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with blogs (and only read mine because you are a friend/relative who loves me;) Giveaways are rampant in Blogland.  It's a very fun aspect of the blogging club- but one that I haven't felt the urge to do until a momentous event such as this.

You see- this here post is my 100th post!  Pretty exciting right?  I think so.  and I figured that this would be as a good a time as any to have a fabulous (in my humble opinion) giveaway for the people who take the time to check in on my little blog and support me in their devotion!  I truly appreciate each and every one of you and each and every comment and compliment you have given me.  So.....without further adieu:

I have chosen 3 separate gifts to give- one that represents each of the facets of this blog.

First for my Angelbabies- my most favorite children's book ever.  This book is simply divine in every way.  The illustrations, the words, it's a must have in any collection- children or adult!  It is SUCH a beautiful book!
If you win this prize you will get a brand new hardcover copy of the book
All The World by Liz Garton Scanlon, Illustrated by Marla Frazee. Retail value: $20

Secondly for the Paint- I will be giving away one of my recent, original paintings from my current series.  This painting was completed a few weeks back- it is inspired by the onset of spring.  It is an acrylic and graphite painting done on a 5"x 5" 1.5" deep wrapped canvas. It can be hung as is- no need for a frame. Retail value: $40

Third for the Cookies- I will be baking, packaging and overnight shipping a batch of my all time favorite Peanut Blossom a.k.a Crack Cookies, to anywhere in the continental United States!!!!! Retail value...priceless;)


Have at it folks! 
Here's how you enter:
You need to simply leave me a comment under this post (if you do not have an "account" simply sign under anonymous and leave your name/email address along with your that I can contact you if you are a winner!)
On Sunday evening I will be doing 3 separate drawings on and picking 3 winners- 1 for each prize. I will post the winners then- so be sure to check back!  Feel free to pass this givewaway along...the more the merrier.  Good luck:)

Thank you all for your support over the past 100 posts.  It means more than you could possibly know.


  1. COOOOOOOOOOOOOKIES!!!!! xoxo Ghilly :)

  2. Eek- I don't know if I know how to comment... but this is pretty cool! I love reading your posts. Very creative and inspiring.

    ~Shelley Buonacquisto

  3. count me in baby, no shipping necessary!

  4. It's nice keeping track of the creativity in the neighborhood!

  5. LOVE the painting! I read every one of your posts - you are so talented and inspiring!!!

    Jessi Calvo -

  6. Count me in!! My new apartment wall would love that painting : )

  7. You're so sweet Hannah! I love your blog, recipes, and inspiration for motherhood and doing it all :)

    -Bina -

  8. i love stopping by every day, hoping you have a new post:) you offer so much inspiration it's ridiculous! thanks for being so wonderful and for sharing yourself!! your prizes are amazing! put my name in:)

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  10. congrats on the 100th post!! I love reading your blog! I'd love your painting, but i'll settle for some cookies :)

  11. Has it really already been 100 posts?!?! Wow!! So impressed! I agree with you, LOVE "All the World"--one of of my favorites! Can't wait to read your next 100 posts!

  12. Congrats on 100! Win or lose, I must read "All the World" to my kids :). Thanks for all of the fabulous posts!

  13. I've pinned ya... :) Love your blog! -T.Hacker

  14. Love your blog! Congrats on all your inspiring ventures! Denise G

  15. Love your blog. It's the only one I read!
    Maria V

  16. So glad you stopped by my blog! I was the first person to comment on this give away . My comment has since disappeared ? Here we go again, I love that you made each prize so personal. Oh and your babies are BEAUTIFUL!, May I suggest that the next give away be a adult size of your daughters fabulous sweater? :)))))