Saturday, March 17, 2012


Finding balance is an issue for me. Not sure if it's that I over commit myself, or if it's just that I have stress management/time management issues? Regardless of the reason- I frequently feel out of balance.
You might look at my life and think "she does A LOT"- which I do...and I LIKE doing a lot- I like being busy, I like my plate being full- but frequently I find myself feeling like I'm about to DROP THE PLATE- and typically- when that happens- I get sick (which I am right now), and I drop things (like this blog, which I haven't posted on since waaaay back in February.) YIKES!!! And then I feel frustrated, and wish I could clean better, and mother better, and paint more, and chill out more, and go on more dates with my man, and work less....
and then I pull myself back down to reality- and remind myself that all of the tough times are temporary. And really- having TOO MUCH to do- is not all that bad of a could always be worse. And I also acknowledge that helping people, and doing things for others, and being creative makes me feel good- but needs to be done in balance and moderation. everything in moderation.

So- here's the basic gist of my life of late:

LOTs of tissues...I mean , many many boxes- who new your body could produce that much mucus (TMI- I know)

and a little bit of studying- although not as much as I should be:)

preparing for a big-time fundraiser at Z's school- next Saturday!! I made these fun picture holders using this tutorial. It was SO easy, SUPER cheap- and idiot proof- and so much more economical than spending $5 each on wire picture holders- we are going to be using apples as the bases:)

I've been drawing here and there on the bathroom mural- this is a BEAST of a project!! and I can hardly wait to start adding the paint!!

I started this commissioned piece weeks ago- and it didn't feel quite right, so I started another one- they are both almost done....

 and the client will have the choice of #1

or #2

I moved the big yellow painting to the living room- and turned it horizontal, and I'm loving the new layout- I CRAVE change- while I lay in bed blowing my nose and coughing up a lung yesterday and debated moving my bedroom around to satisfy my need for change- I decided to give my weak body a break and move the painting instead;)

I am also working on a sewing project for a pregnant friend- crib skirt (DONE) and curtain (NOT DONE)...but soon!

I WILL feel better soon! positive thinking


  1. Feel better Hannah! Next week is going to be fabulous. Don't worry!

  2. Hi hannah. I think and know u are an amazing mother wife just an amazing woman. All that you do for your family is greatly appreciated. Being in me and my boys lives over these years have been wonderfull and u have given so much of yoursrelf to them then you created your own family but we still love and adore you and then kids very much so thank u for being who you are a beutiful loving compassionate caring hard workin wonderful mother and wife. Love always Darlene and our boys