Friday, January 14, 2011

New Painting!

Here is my latest painting

It is inspired by some vine prints that I noticed on the side of a building recently while playing in the snow with the angel that winter is here- I will be using alternative materials in my upcoming paintings. This is a 30" x 36" mixed media piece (acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, graphite on a 1.5" wrapped canvas).

Here is my special material- a paint that I use in a lot of my paintings.  I love the dirt-like quality to it- it's the perfect material for my current collection. The consistency of it is really more like a powder suspended in medium- it's very cool.  I was introduced to it by someone I went to grad school with- who was working on a collection of space-like paintings.  It adds a lot of depth to straight black paint.  I use it as a glaze/wash- often diluted in a spray bottle.

On a depressing note- here is the warning on the side of the jar....


How lovely....note to self- get lock for studio door.

On another note- I am sewing curtains this weekend- and *hopefully* finishing up the mural that I am painting in Baby B's room...very exciting- can't wait for the final reveal!

Here is the fabric- and along with it- I have a rather long story.

Basically- the fabric was chosen (after much deliberation), ordered, and received.  I then cut it (with plenty of leeway for shrinkage and hemming) and washed the fabric. shrunk 7" in length! YIKES!!!!  I nearly had a heart attack (then took a step back and reminded myself that it's only fabric:) 
I called the company Premiere Prints Inc. (I've referenced them many times on this blog)- and in my sweetest, most professional voice explained the problem- well....they were AWESOME!  They replaced the entire 7 yard piece (I just paid to ship the shrunken fabric back to them)- and within 2 weeks time- they shipped me a bolt with 8 yards on it! 

Awesome customer service is key to a successful business (but less and less common nowadays?!)

I highly recommend them. They have great prints, on upholstery weight fabric- for $12 and less a yard. Check them out!
(This fabric is their Glam print, in the Wan/Natural color scheme.)

Have a great weekend!

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