Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Play Day, Lamp Project, and Hair Update

OK- so, lots of unrelated topics in my post tonight- try to stick with me.

Growing up not far from here in CT, I am used to lots of snow and I do love it.  But in the past 3 weeks I feel like we have been hammered- and it's only early January!- I say this as we prepare to be hit again tomorrow night (according to the weather-people) with a potential 6-12".  I thought we'd take advantage of the clear, sunny skies and play a little today.  We were hoping to make a snow person- but no such luck.  It's been so darn cold that the snow is not packable:( But we had fun anyway!

I ran inside to get dry gloves- and when I came back out- I did a quick yard-scan and only saw Zel- so I said "Z, where's your brother?!"- she said- "I don't know Mommy", I looked to my right, and down- and there he was- laying, silently,  stiff as a board on the walkway near the driveway.  It's VERY icy....

He actually thought it was pretty funny.  He was content just laying there- so content that he stayed there while I ran to grab my camera:)

Upon my return, and picture taking- he started screaming....(he's not hurt- not to worry-just super-dramatic).

It was a working weekend for me- so I gave D a list of things to do for me while I was gone.  He usually does the prep work for my various house projects- the list included taking the TV off of the wall mount in the living room (so that in the next week*wishful thinking* I can repaint the living room), and take down the downstairs and upstairs hallway lights (so that I can spraypaint them).

Here are the lights before:


Dusty, old, and VERY, VERY dirty- yes! my style?- NO!

But- I do see potential.  And I do know that I do not have the funds to replace them with something like this...

or this...

or this...

so until my budget increases- I will remove the glass panels, spraypaint them (with paint from our basement storage room) covering the lovely brass finish with a nickle finish and call it a day!- 2 new lights for FREE!
I will do an update post as soon as I get them done.

Onto the next hair.
I posted here about my recent (as of November 2010) no-shampoo hair experiment.
Here are the current results:

process: Since early November I have totally eliminated shampoo from my hair care regime. I began with no washing at all (besides with water while showering, along with vigorous scalp scrubbing apx. 5x a week), and brushing when dry to distribute the natural oils, every other day or so.
I then looked into other options and found an article that said you could use baking soda (with a little water to make a paste) to remove oil buildup/dirt.  I have been doing that every 8-12 days apx.

my opinion: For what it's worth.  I think that this process is working fine for me.  Do I think my hair looks AMAZING? Not so much- but it looks good. I am a very low-maintenance girl when it comes to my hair- most of the time its in a messy bun on top of my head, I rarely blow it out, haven't had it cut in 8 months, etc.  so, for me- this routine is ideal- it's even easier than ever. As far as how it feels/looks- It feels less dry then it did when I was using shampoo. I have blown it out 1x and it didn't look as good as when I was using products. When I wear it down and wavy (natural) it looks as good as before the no-poo routine.

Hope that helps! Take care y'all!

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