Sunday, January 30, 2011

So, My Living Room Is Now....

GRAY!!!! Hooray!

It was a busy weekend- I'm not gonna lie.  Full of painting, and running kids around, and shopping and laundry, and more shopping.  In all the running around I managed to get the majority of our living room painted.  I have had 3 swatches of color on our living room wall for months now- so this project was a very long time coming- and I am SO pleased with the results!

Here are the before pictures:

I had chosen the original paint colors before we moved into the house (as I typically do because I am the type of person that likes to be repainted and unpacked within the first week of moving in).  I am discovering now that it's best to wait a little while and get a feel for the space before making color choices.  So- the orange wall- got old rather fast- and I was searching for a change- it just took me a bit longer than I'd like to implement it:)

Here is the new color, mid process:

and a close up

I am IN LOVE with this color.  It's a soft, warm gray.  It's neutral but modern.  It adds light to the space, and it allows me to add pops of color in other places in the room (which I love!)

Here are a few pieces that I will be "redoing" to add to the space

This lovely little chair- I picked up for $2 at a tag sale last year-what a steal!?
I'm going to be painting the wood frame later in the week and trying to clean up the gold velvet seat a bit.

This lovely curvy lamp I found today- while on a virgin run at a local thrift store- $6.  I'm planning on spray painting a turquoise-y color, with a nice clean white shade.

The chair sits at this little desk- that I got a while back from an estate sale.  I'm still thinking of exactly how I will do to it- but I will be refinishing it in some way...

Once I painted the walls- I realized that the trim (there's a WHOLE LOT of it) really needed to be done too.  So- this week- during nap time I will be devoting my time to painting at least one area of trim each day.  I will also be painting the trim in the entryway around the  chinoiserie themed mural that I FINALLY finished the other day (it's been a year in the works...DON'T WORRY- if you ever hire me to paint a mural for you it will not take a year to complete- I promise:)

I added birds, and finished the distant trees/cliffs on either side of the door.

I'd also like to replace the light fixture in here...

Having lots of plans/goals keeps me ticking.  If I had nothing to do and plan and think about- I'd probably loose my mind:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Stay tuned this week for the full reveal! 

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  1. Great lamp! I can't wait to see the finished project.