Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Quick, Cute ZZ Talk

As I was putting little ZZ to bed the other night- we were snuggling and talking- specifically on the topic of "different types of families".  I was explaining how some families have two moms, some have two dads, some have one of each, some have just one or the other, etc....
and she said "oh- I wish I had two Mommas" and I said "why"- and she said "because then one Momma could go to work, and the other Momma could stay home with me and Mosie every day".
Talk about breaking my heart! 

I've clearly been working a lot the past couple weeks....and I am feeling very torn up inside about finding a balance in my life.  It is a constant struggle- wanting to be the primary care provider for my children- and trying to both pay bills, and establish a business (so that I CAN have more flexibility with my hours).

I know this is something that everyone struggles with- finding balance....
I guess it comes down to prioritizing and time management.  I am just so confused about when the right time is to make big decisions- like- business moves, adding to our little family,  picking up more hours at work, taking on new positions.  It's tough- but what I am attempting to do right now is breathe and take my time, and not let the pressure get to me.  I need to do what's best for me, my husband and my children- FIRST and foremost- and everything else will fall into place:) I hope...;) 

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  1. Oh, but it will. Life has its own way of balancing itself. We tend to throw off when we try too much at the wrong time in the wrong place. Keep breathing and enjoy your beautiful masterpiece called life.