Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Furniture, My Hoarder Son, and Pure Inspiration

A little while back I scored a FABULOUS find at the local Salvation Army-this insanely awesome dresser- perfect for the little man's room- for $40!!!

Isn't the style perfection? Even the colors are awesome (I love the white, cream, gray/blue, gold combo)- although the top is laminant (and just needs to be shined up a bit), the body and drawers are slightly dingy (from a smokers house I'm thinking or possibly just old age?) so I will be repainting it in a similar color scheme.

The hardware- I'm drooling- seriously

and the biggest selling point for me was the size. The little BIG guy was running out of space BIG time!

Onto the next project of late:
This little table (in the corner to the right of the door).

How I got this guy is a long story- but basically, I got it at a community tag sale- (but it wasn't really for sale, just to hold cookies for a bake sale)...but I thought it was for sale, so I paid someone and put it aside, then someone approached me-totally embarrassed and was like "I'm so sorry, but it wasn't for sale (someone else had put a sticker on it not knowing)- SO AWKWARD- so I, of course insisted that she keep it- and she insisted that I take it- even though I explained that "I really don't need another old-wooden-need to be redone-furniture-project, and my husband will probably make me move into the garage along with all my projects if I bring something else home" even though I really secretly wanted and loved it...anyhow- she gave it to me! So, it's been sitting near the entryway for nearly a year now- and I finally got around to painting it this weekend.

I used two coats of Rustoleum's oil based enamel in smoke gray. Its a super stinky (mask worthy) oil paint. But the shine and finish is divine- and it's a small piece:)

I especially love the little acorn detail on the bottom rail!

I was in the "book room" with the kids the other day and I noticed some serious hoarding tendencies in Mister Moses- slightly concerning I must say;)

While we were at the Wadsworth- we were also able to check out their amazing art collection. This piece in particular left me reeling with artistic inspiration.

Clyfford E. Still, Number 5, 1951 Oil on Canvas

I have big plans in the studio tonight- especially since I am DONE with my hellish winter session class! Hallelujah!!

Oh- and if you are still reading- you are lucky you are because I am also throwing in one of my all time favorite inspirational song for good measure!! Take a listen;)

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  1. I love oil-based paint finishes, they look so fancy. If only they didn't smell so bad. The table is cute, as is the dresser. I love how older pieces have so much character.