Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thank Goodness For Children!!

When I am stressed (which is a frequent feeling these days- and something I am constantly working on), I try to find peace and humor in the little things. A little self-therapy exercise I've been doing lately to ground myself and put my mind (and heart) at peace before bed is identifying three things that I'm greatful for...they can be very small (or hugely significant), here are a couple examples:

1. Bridge tofu
2. yoga pants
3. sweet old dogs

1. being able to walk (huge....I know)
2. 50 degree days in January
2. bare feet

1. 2nd graders innocence and listening skills- (especially compared to 6th graders)
2. fireplaces
3. the color turquoise

Give it a try- I feel better already;)

Speaking on the subject of things I'm grateful for.....
Zella came downstairs from "rest-time" (a.k.a- Mommy's quiet time) the other day in this crazy getup

I call it the "Queen-of-Pullups" look.
 I nearly peed my pants:)

and one thing I will NEVER tire of-
children's art


  1. Love it!!! ~Champ~

  2. This is such a great post. Z is so adorable.

  3. i got a good giggle at both the kid and the art--too cute!