Friday, January 6, 2012

Newest Painting Commission and ME Time

Before the holidays I got a commission from my sister- 2 paintings for her boyfriends Christmas gift- here they are: (they are 12"x 24" in size)

and despite the fact that I was as busy as a bee before the holidays- this was a blessing in disguise- you see, I have been taking SO LITTLE time to do the things I love- because there has been so little time to take- and I really do love to paint. I had to get these done before Christmas- so I forced myself into the studio for some much needed (paid) self-therapy;)

They are inspired by the beautiful beach at Block Island where we mini-vacationed last July.

Along the same lines- I am taking a little "me time" right now to hang out in my cozy dining room, catch up on the computer and enjoy a delicious- 2pm brunch with myself (yes- this is the first meal I've eaten today- ridiculous, I know)
But, this is the ultimate comfort food to me

Supper crunchy and tasty rustic Italian bread from Hartford Baking Co. (for all the local yokels who are reading- it's THE BEST bread) with salted butter and fresh raspberry jam (Christmas gift), and a delicious salad with romaine, red kale, candied walnuts, goat cheese, and honey mustard vinaigrette.
I am one lucky lady!


  1. Those are lovely. I love the blues against the rusty browns.

  2. Love the paintings you did for your sister!
    Also, the kids area is sooo adorable! Great job!