Monday, January 2, 2012

An Improvised Hearth and a Simple New Years Res

The other day I posted a Christmas recap...and among the beautiful and thoughtful gifts both given and received was a lovely Sturbridge Village play set for the kids- from my Mom and Dad. On New Years Eve I was both inspired, and had an unsightly burst of energy (something rare these days due to the too-much-school-work- syndrome I'm still suffering from;),  so I decided to run with it and create a little "hearth" in the playroom to go with their creative play set.
It is not the typical "style" mural I prefer, at least design-wise, but it works well in our basement playroom space for the kids:)

and it gives them options for their cooking style: open hearth or traditional stove top

I had D attach a couple of cast iron hooks to hold the pots, and a 2"x4" above for a little mantle shelf, the kids love it! It kind of feels like a little mini children's museum:)

As for the New Years Resolution:
Last year- I did a whole, lovely New Years post- recapping all of the major events of the year and a list of resolutions for 2011. While some were met- many, were forgotten and overlooked. This year- in keeping with my sole resolution- I'm keeping it simple....
my only resolution is: to be better to myself by taking one day at a time

and in keeping with my resolution- I'm going to bed- early-at least for today!

That's all I got

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  1. I LOOOOVE it! It looks really great- so fun!