Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Whirwind Recap

It's always a whirlwind around here- but Christmas time takes the cake in the running-around-with-little-ones department. I will say though, that this year was the smoothest so far (I guess it gets easier as the kiddos get older?

Anyhow- this is another quick- mostly photos post since I am currently enrolled in my first on-line class...its an undergrad psych course that I need for my Masters- I signed up for it thinking...I can do it at home- it's 4 weeks long, how bad could it be??? WELL- let me tell's kicking my A**- hardcore! I am really struggling- mostly to find time in my already crazy schedule for the work load. If you ever think if taking a psych class through a CT community college- run it by me first- k?

Back to Christmas: I made some of this for gifts this year
It's a recipe I found online for Stonewall Kitchen's Roasted Garlic Onion Jam (I've posted about it before-it's one of my favorite pizza toppings.) and I will say- this recipe is pretty darn close to the real deal- only issue is, it's not really a jam-thickness, more like a sauce-thickness. I will try making it again and possibly upping the pectin level- when I have the perfect recipe- I'll post it to share:)

Zel also did some crafting of her own.

We had a packed schedule with 3 days straight of semi-local traveling
This gift was beyond fabulous. My uber-creative mother came up with the idea to make the children a "Sturbridge Village in a box"- it's so great she should really market the idea. My parents take the children there periodically and the kids adore it. So- the box includes hand stitched clothes from Shuggie, hand stitched logs for a "fire", kettles, baskets, wooden spoons, vegetables, wooden eggs. SO AMAZING.

Little Sis with Z-Booty in her colonial clothing

Big Sis with Mo-Man (and his new drill that he literally did not put down for 2 days straight)

There was a lot of family time...and it was so nice to see relatives we don't get to see very often.
Baby Ben is now 1!(he's the youngest baby on my mothers side who was only 2 weeks old last Christmas....)

Moses nearly tackled Santa this year-it was priceless.

Christmas morning pre-present excitement.

Oh- and of course- the food was INSANE!!

I've decided that Christmas dinner is my favorite food of the year- hands down!

So Grateful

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  1. Looks like a lovely time! My mother gave us a similar gift--she packed up all my dress-up clothes from the 80s and gave them to my daughter.