Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmasing, Topless Baking, and New Dining Room Light

Lots to do still, but lots has been done. Between cookie baking, cleaning the house for tomorrows' holiday guests, and finishing up the semesters school work I wanted to type up a quick's a pictorial review of the past couple weeks- 7 words or less per image:) Merry , merry!!

Meet Sparkle- Z's Bday gift to me:)

New light, in dining room

Geepee's (great grandmother) old Christmas village

Insanely good pumpkin

House pieces

Topless baking and pants switching:)

A whole lotta candy

A new family tradition

I promise a couple posts will soon follow (give me a couple days) they will include the pumpkin recipe and a Project File post on the bench!!


  1. that's old skool, baking your own gingerbread house :-) Put up more pics of the dining room light, it looks interesting!

  2. It all looks wonderful Hannah! Let's get together in early January, I miss you! :) Denise