Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Are Almost Ready To Dine!

Here it is

These super-lovely cinderella pumpkins are from Trader Joes of all places- and did you know that they are totally edible and supposedly delicious??? Stay tuned for some pumpkin-themed recipes!

I am love-love LOVIN' the way the chairs look with the rug, and the table, and the walls and ceiling:)))

Although I don't have the super-specifics (paint color name. etc.) I will tell you my theory behind the design...

The yellow rug was a given- I actually fell in love with one at a persian rug dealer in town- and it was waaaaaaaaaaay over budget.  This one is from West Elm.  I saw Emily use it on an episode of Secrets From a Stylist and loved it- and it's more reasonable priced for an all wool- flat weave (my preference- not a big fan of pile)- and it's a 8x10.

I found the image below (it's currently on my Pintrest dining room inspiration board) and thought that the gold ceiling might work in my space- echoing the yellow/gold rug.
I also liked the dark walls and how they unexpectedly worked with the gold ceiling...

The wall color was more tricky- I had a bunch of colors up- and ultimately decided on this lovely dark, warm gray (in the aisle of home depot without testing it on the wall first).  It's the type of color that when you walk into the room, you don't know exactly what color it  is- and despite it's darkness- the room is plenty light and the ceiling and floor assist in the lightness I think, plus the white washed table really balances out the darkness.  The room is classy, cozy, and interesting.

What's left to do?
Take a look see....

a light would be nice- I fell in love with this modern take on the antique french ones that are in various design mags right now-

and this knock-off is a little more reasonable...I haven't found anything else I like as much as this yet....and my Bday is right around the corner (HINT HINT;)  and yes....I know it's sad and slightly pathetic that I am hinting that I would like my relatives to buy my a friken chandelier for my 31st birthday:) but I would- okay?

Then there's my good old friend the Brimfield couch.  Oh- how I cannot wait to reupholster this bad boy and lay down for a nap, or curl up with a good book and a cup of tea on it!  I originally had planned on a patterned fabric, but after the chair fabric (which I am IN LOVE with) it's even more beautiful in person)...and the rug- I am now leaning toward a highly textured (possibly tweed, linen, or maybe burlap) solid in turquoise instead.  Problem is- this is time consuming project- and right now my time is eaten up by graduate studies- not couch refurbishing, sadly enough.  But- it- will- get- done...

Then there's this...thing.  I will not bore you with the details of all the ideas I have for this piece- because truthfully none of them are very heartfelt- as what I'd really like to do with is piece is take a sledge hammer to it- and replace it with this....

but- alas my budget dictates otherwise- so I will do something crafty to make it look more presentable one of these days!

and then there's this desk piece.  It's from an estate sale- it needs some serious TLC (i.e wood filler, sanding, painting) also- not on my priority list right now, but it too, will get done!

Beyond that- I will someday also do full length window treatments (I'm thinking in natural/ivory or white with some fun trim)

and of course- artwork for the walls- and perhaps some floating shelves to hold glassware- making the desk into a little bar-area? Iam also debating a crazy wallpapered accent wall...regardless I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Unrelated kid pics below:)

We put up a few key Holloween decorations last week (not a huge fan of seasonal decor-these are all rejects from my mother- queen of seasonal decor- it works in her house- it does not work in mine) but the kids love it- especially Mr.Skeleton hanging on the back door.  ZZ is drawing him here (for at least the 5th time in 3 days:)- I set her up Reggio Emilia style- drawing from observation- she did an awesome good.

and here's the dynamic duo watching Daddy mow the lawn the other day- it has become a spectator sport around these parts:)


  1. I know I've seen DIY tutorials on those mirrored sideboards, I think it involves silverleafing. I'm sure you'll come up with something good. I love the chair fabric with the yellow rug, they play nice together!

  2. love your ideas and your writing Hannah!