Thursday, October 6, 2011

Busy Bee...

that's here's a quick glimpse of what I've been doing on my too-few-and-far-between days off:)

Workin' on the dining room face lift that I started planning,oh, maybe 5 months ago:)  My vision has evolved since I did my original design board- here are a few glimpses of what's happening...

Here is the interior of our front door before:
and after: I LOVE this color- it was kind of a crazy-call (I've been making some crazy-ish design decisions lately- thankfully, so far they have all worked out...fingers crossed)

I was actually trying this color out as a possibility for the dining room walls- inspired by the picture below, as well as another picture of a similarly hued dining room in the most recent House Beautiful.  I love the super-saturated hue + how they painted everything- moulding and all which makes it look very "architectural".

anyway, the color is Martha Stewart's Moonlit Pool- I did 3 coats in interior high gloss enamel- and boy, does that baby shine! I love the contrast of it with the yellow-green chinoiserie walls in the entryway.  I'm glad I didn't use it on the walls of the dining room- it would've been overkill.  I am thinking I will probably do the hall closet door the same color as it's also part of the entryway).  The color works really well with some of the punches of teal in the living room..., specifically the salvation army lamp I sprayed

Here's a sneak peak at the 2nd crazy-ish design decision- I painted the ceiling of the dining room metallic gold.  Here's my brain-speak rational "the ceiling is already a hot mess with all the patching, plaster crack, bumps, etc.- so if it look horrid- we'll eventually drywall over it- and worse case I can always paint it back to white"
WELL- let me tell you- if you've never painted a ceiling before- it SUCKS- seriously, not fun- really hard, really messy- super sore for like, 3 days following...enough said- you get the idea.
Thankfully I am really loving ceiling- so it's staying gold for a while:)

And lastly- here's a peak at 1 of the 3 new fabrics that have come in this past week. I love the texture of this Premier Print denton fabric- isn't it divine??? It was originally going on my chairs- but I had a change of heart...stay tuned to see the wall color, reupholstered chairs- and new rug that I am loving so much I just might have camp out on it tonight;)


  1. ooh! the fabric is pretty, the ceiling is fab, and love those curtain ;-) I can't wait to see how the space turns out.

  2. i LOVVVVE the front door! i bet it compliments the mural so well. i'm thinking i should just have you pick out all the colors for my house b/c you are so good at it. i always love your color and fabric selections. can't wait to see the completed dinning room!! oh, and that rug…i have been eying that rug for awhile. so jealous!