Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Broken Toe, End of Summer, Bfield Chairs and Blanket

Not the most original title- I'm in an all business type of mood tonight I guess (with hundreds of pages of reading to do hanging over me head...) moving on to topic #1-

I attempted to be a fun/cool Mom on Monday and, per Mosie's request- I attempted to RUN up the slide of our backyard playscape. Now- I typically could master such a feat- and I am not sure what or even how it happened, let alone why....but I managed to miss the center of the slide with my left foot, and hit the side instead- thus, breaking (my self-diagnosis) my poor baby toe.

and it hurts- badly (and I know I have ugly feet...and part of me can't believe I'm posting a picture of them on the interwebs- but I figured I should give a visual to go along with the story)
One thing I will say is that this has given me a new understanding for people (mostly patients I've met) who are suffering from depression and even addiction due to chronic's just a baby toe folks- I realize- but it hurts like heck 90% of the time- especially because slowing down is not in the cards for this busy Momma!

Today was actually  quite warm- warm enough that the kids wanted to go for a little swim in the backyard pool- I was happy to oblige and rest on the lounge with my foot elevated while they played:)

(LOVE this pic)

Here are my final two (and possibly most spectacular) Brimfield finds...

This lovely blanket- that might even be my favorite find of the day.  Although B is skeeved out by the fact that I bought a vintage blanket (yes, of course I washed it immediately after getting home!)- I am in love....

the turquoise, the hexagon print- it's cozy, and the perfect layer on our bed.
LOVE (and it was $20 to boot!)
I also snagged a great set of mid-century mod dining chairs ($120 for 4).  Mom spotted them in the last field of the day.

They are prefect for my in-progress dining room design.  I especially love this handy little latch with makes the back removable- I love things that can be easily altered for a different look. 

 After an extreme amount of mental indecision I chose this fabric for the chairs

and this will (most likely) be the fabric for the couch re-upholstery project (which will most likely not be done until my December self-imposed deadline)

Oh- and I ordered this rug the other day:)))) Can't wait to see it in the space!!
It's a wrap!!


  1. Poor piggy toe! Love that last picture of baby girl, too:) great finds.

  2. ouch, hope you feel better soon. Love the fabrics.