Monday, September 12, 2011

Too Many Balls in the Air

and I'm seriously about to drop one!!!!

and clearly, the one that's already been dropped is this blog- and to the (numerous- JK;) faithful blog-readers- I apologize that this little blog is at the bottom of my priority list. As my little life has become almost unmanageably hectic over the past month- I keep thinking of ways that I can make it easier on my little brain (and heart)...this blog had come up in my mind as something I may have to eliminate. Instead of making a rash decision,  I decided to give it some time- I thought I owed you all and explanation- but I decided to wait it out- and lately I've been thinking about things that I want to post and want to share- and that feeling has made me decide that rather than eliminating the blog altogether- I am just going to post when I have something worth posting- and when I have the time- I refuse to stress about this (TRUST me- I am too busy stressing about everything else:)

SO- if you like reading my blog (thank you), and if you want to know when I post which will be fewer and farther between for the next year or so:)- you should click on the little subscribe icon on the left hand margin of my main page- and you will get an email notification every time I decide that I have something worth posting...please bare with me?!

Here is a list-form explanation for my craziness of late- in a somewhat, but not really prioritized list:

  1.  Mom, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend
  2.  Expressive therapist going on 3.5 years (weekends)
  3. Graduate student- after a 4 year hiatus and 2 darling children
  4. Artist (SO SAD that this is this far down on the list, right- ugggg, it's kind of  a painful reality to face
  5. Community mentor
  6. Money earner/ reading tutor at my old school 2 days a week
  7.  Volunteer cooperative parent at Z's school
  8. Creative decorator?painter person
  9. Blogger
So that explains it!

Part 2 of this Blog entry is titled:
Bamboo, Brimfield and Booty-Boo (that's Z-Booty)

I found this ridiculously fabulous (and cheap) bench/table while antiquing with Shuggie while at the beach this summer- I didn't want to share it with you all until I actually got a chance to start it- (this past weekend)
First, I sanded it lightly by hand- then I sprayed it with spray-primer, and 1 coat (thus far) of peacock blue satin spray paint.  It needs another coat still, and my plan is to cut a piece of plywood the size of the top rectangular opening, upholster it with the fabulous fabric below, and attach it to the base.
I know it's slightly crazy- but it will look so cool in front of our fire place in the living room!! EEEK! I will do a project file post with the whole process once it's complete!
Onto Brimfield.
Brimfield- how I love thee...
we went yesterday
it was magic

Here are a few of the MANY finds- it was a jackpot kinda day- more to come in the next few posts about my other finds:)
I thought this chubby little guy was super cute- I sprayed him high gloss yellow- he's grazing in the living room right now, lucky guy.
I got this retro truck for the little guy- he's really into the dumping function (it would be in bed with him right now if we let him)- and when it says "hydraulic"- they mean it- it is hard core- I keep telling him "don't get to close when you lift the lever" I'm seriously concerned that I might break his jaw if it hits him...they don't make em' like they used to!
and for my little dancing queen I got this little fishy necklace...

Perfect for her first day of school- she was SO excited!!! She was singing me a "first day of school tune" in the picture below:)
I love these two little Angels.

and even though my life has become quite nutty- they are my top priority, and what I am doing is the best I can do- and that's all that I can do.


  1. hang in there, girl!!! you are quite an amazing woman! i hope you can find some time in that busy schedule to do something relaxing for yourself, you deserve it. also, where do you buy Z's clothes? i LOVE all her little dresses. super cute!

  2. Glad you didn't five up your blog, especially since "artist" was so far down on your list. Expressing yourself and venting your stress is a great way to say healthy. And your children are kind of a creative art project in a way, you are definitely molding them, so "artist" is really first on your list ;)

  3. oh, I totally get it. I love blogging but I can't see keeping it up every day with everything that's going on lately. I can't even get to any home improvement projects to actually blog about.

    hang in there! That bench is pretty awesome, I think the fabric will look lovely with it.