Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project File: Dining Room Table

My dining room table has been in our garage for at least 3 weeks. During that time it has underwent various processes in an attempt to create a certain "look" that I happened to see in a recent design magazine.

I first sanded the table down- this table was bought at an unfinished furniture by my newlywed parents 30 years ago.  They finished it with a dark stain and poly.
The sanding took a lot of elbow grease to remove the color- but I did it! (I used a hand sander,  goggles and a respirator for this!)
Above is a not-so-hot-before-shot:)

Then I began the re-coloring process.  I was attempting to bleach the table- which gives the wood a worn, grayish tone.

I first tried regular laundry bleach- it didn't do much.
then I moved on to oxcalic acid- or furniture bleach (used to lighten stains on furniture)- also- not much of  a difference.

The final bleaching option is a 2-part bleaching solution that I could have ordered from a flooring supply company- but honestly I didn't want to pay the $40 haz-mat shipping fee- especially if it wasn't guaranteed to work.  So then I started looking into the "limeing" process- a certain type of wax applied to furniture to give it a whitish look- this I also couldn't find...

so here's what I ended up going with:
I simply brushed it on in smallish sections, then wiped it off with a rag while it was still wet

this is a stain product that "pickles" the furniture.  You can see the difference in the color in the shot above. It actually was super simple and quick and I love the result!

What's left to do? I need apply a water proof finish- this is the product I decided on. 
 I got mine through Amazon- I'll let ya'll know how it works!!
I chose it because I wanted a natural product, natural finish, and not super-shiny.  It should arrive tomorrow!

Then it's the rest of the room I have to decide on.
#1: a new rug (or antique rug.... possibly I will find you at Brimfield in a couple weeks????)
Here are some current contenders:

Clearly I'm leaning toward yellow- but other than that I am not quite sure

#2: fabric choice and re-upholstery of my beautiful couch (a good fall/winter project I think)
top choices right now:

#3: wall color
#4: what to do with the hideous, half-assed built-in buffet???
#5: dining chairs (possible Brimfield too?)
#6: window treatments

Stay tuned!!!

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  1. I wonder if you could class up the buffet by adding wood trim/molding, new knobs, and some high-gloss paint? That seems like it might be a vast improvement. Or even new doors? Or wood trim with mirrored panels inside (I know you mentioned mirrors...).