Monday, July 18, 2011

Brimfield Furniture Love Affair, New Painting, and Cookie Helper

Summer has gotten the best of me and I have been off track blog-wise- so bear with me for a quick version of catch up- I will try to make this post interesting- covering the areas of
1: Home decor/antiquing
2: Painting
3: Angelbaby cookie-making cuteness
Here we go.....

I mentioned in a previous post that D and I were taking a daytime date to Brimfield (yesterday)- and it was wonderful! We got there nice and early- and beat at least some of the scorching heat.  We decided to go on a Sunday (last day of the July show) to find some potential bargains...and bargains we did find!
#1 item on my list of hope-to-finds was a couch/settee for our dining room redo...we looked high and low, through many a vendor.  I even paid for another settee that had some potential (although needed LOTS of work)-granted I was looking for a project, but this would have been a complete overhaul/rebuild. We then continued through the end of the show to see if there was anything else out there- and literally the LAST booth on one side of the road is where I found it- and it was love at first sight- seriously...

It's a  1960's gem.  Beautiful lines- great construction, comfy, inviting. I somehow feel very connected to this piece of furniture- I really loved it. Oh- and I was able to bargain with the first vendor that I had already paid and use my original purchase $ for something else from his shop-an also very useful antique drawer thingy to hold dress-up clothes:)

My vision was as follows: I wanted  a couch/settee that we could use at our dining room table (which I'm in the process of refinishing)-to provide comfortable inviting seating for diners and various other dining room activities.  I am a big fan of being comfortable while eating- and I really prefer to sit cross-legged while doing so (I know- I'm a freak)- not that doable in a regular dining chair, so....this was my solution!!!!

The plan is:
 #1- attach smallish locking casters to the feet to give it a little more dining-height, plus, be able to move it around easily.
#2- reupholster- something that is on my in-head bucket-list, and something I cannot wait to get started on!!!!  I will be following the fabulous step by step tutorial that Jenny recently did here on Little Green Notebook.

Here are some fabric options...I'd love your opinion on a favorite!

(Kravet, bansuri slate ikat linen)

(F.Schumacher, kasari ikat, turquoise)

(F.Schumacher glacier fret, mineral)

(F.Schumacher, arches print, bamboo)

(F.Schumacher, durance embroidery)

(Premier Prints, gotcha, storm)

(Premier Prints, mingei, turquoise)

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moving on to subject #2- a new painting!!!!  Here are some shots of my current inspiration

It turns out I have a thing for rocks...specifically those from the shore- after all they are perched on all of my window panes:)

so I used some Block Island rocks for this piece- it totally captures what I was going for.

and #3
after dinner tonight I had a hankering for some vegan chocolate chip cookies- so Zbooty assisted

We spent the day at the beach today with some super welcoming, and helpful-at-giving-a-tired-Mommy-a-break family friends...3 of which are sisters ages 7-10 who happen to love little ones;).  Zella said that the cookies (the ones she made in the middle row) were sister cookies:)) How sweet is that?

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  1. I love the painting!!! It's gorgeous.

    My two favorite fabric choices are the yellow arches and the turquoise floral. I love okay but I think it's a bit trendy and wouldn't have the same lasting power. I like the idea of a vibrant pattern. Great settee find!