Saturday, July 2, 2011

Off My A-Game

Yes- I officially am- at least in the most common "production" areas of my life.  I was thinking about writing this post- and thinking about why I feel this way...and the main reason is because I havn't blogged in a while, and I havn't been in my studio in a while, nor have I finished, or even progressed with any of the projects I talked about you can understand my feeling of lack of production, right?

then I started thinking about WHY? I havn't been very productive- and instead of beating myself up about it (because its not for lack of desire)- I realized that I have a lot of other equally amazing things that I've been doing. Sure, they may not have physically tangible results- like paintings, refinished chairs, and curtians- but they are equally as important and satisfying in other ways.

I started a  new summer work schedule at the hospital recently which is something that I am adjusting to- and enjoying!  and also- most importantly, yesterday was the Angelgirl's big 0-4!  these things have kept me busy- and while they are not personally productive to me they are productive in that I am giving back to others- which is, in reality even more gratifying then producing for myself. 

I also decided- rather last minute, to plan a mini-vacation (something we've started doing since we had children- since #1- financially its tough taking a long vacation and #2- long vacations can be overwhelming for both children and maybe even more so-parents;)  SO- we leave tomorrow at the crack of dawn- and I am SOOOOO looking forward to getting away- even for just one night!!!

Back to the sweet Z-booty- I can't believe she's 4! Craziness!!!! Check out my birthday post from last year for her here.
This year was a lot of fun!  She woke up in the morning a did a little birthday dance with her brand new Strawberry Shortcake doll (Thank you Shuggie- she hasn't put her down since Thursday:) The crown was a handmade by my lovely sister- Auntie Emy- isn't it precious?

We had a loose rainbow theme happinin'...homemade playdough for party favors!

The most magical party piece was the AMAZING Ms.Julie- Z's music teacher- she was wonderful! (we bid on a musical birthday party at Z's school fundraiser this year and WON! It also included an ice cream cake and pizza!!)

(Notice- she's still holding Strawberry??!)

Moses is a baby-lover- how could you not love this little guy?

(Thank you Denise for capturing the candle blowing:)

She got a scooter from Mommy and Daddy (I opted for the 2 wheeler variety hoping she'd catch on quick)- and she made it up and down the street last night without a hitch-the streamers on the ends were a big hit!  She also got another very special handmade gift that we commissioned an artist friend to make - it's amazing!!! I will be posting it later in the week- so stay tuned!

 Happy 4th of July!!!!

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