Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heat+Humidity+Bugs=Unfairly Crabby Mommy

ENOUGH with the negativity...I am leaving it behind in the title of this post, and despite my mood, and guilt for a crabby-mommy day I'm gonna focus on some positives going on lately in these parts.

(Although, I will quickly say this- the pest control guy today informed me that the only US state where termites DO NOT live is Alaska- that, plus the cooler temps= Hannah's heaven)
I have been trying a new healthy eating/exercise routine which is pretty motivating (thanks E)!  and with it , a recipe that I finally got around to trying this week that I'd like you share with y'all is these homemade Lara bars- you know- the raw food bars that cost an arm and a leg and are super delicious???? Well- Tracy over at Shutterbean posted this brilliant idea/recipe to make them from I did

and they are TO DIE FOR, and packed with raw protein-fiber goodness.  I'm keeping mine in the fridge wrapped in individual wax paper squares.  I used her basic nut/date ratio (x2) and here's what I came up with for a recipe for my Choco Coco Cherry Bars- YUMMMMMY!

2 cups almonds (unsalted raw)
1 cup walnuts
1 lb (or so) pitted dates)
1 cup coconut (organic, unsweetened)
1/2 cup dried cherries
1/4 cup raw cocoa powder

I combined everything in my food processor, and grinded the heck of it- until it was a good consistency- pressed it all into an 8"x8" wax paper-lined baking dish, and stuck it in the fridge till firm.  Then I sliced them up- into about 16-20 chunks (VERY thick), and individually wrapped them in wax paper squares.
 I finished a new painting today.  What do you think?  It might be divine on my gray living room walls...

it sort of reminds me of the very first piece in this series....

another good in bloom.
We have 1 Peony bush and 1 Mountain Laural bush in our front yard- and they are both in full bloom this week- and I for one, am loving it!!!

we spent some time out front today while waiting for a storm, where we had some sibling photo shoot time...

and a favorite performance
("The lion says roar, the cat says fiddle-dee-dee")

and we ended up with a few sprinkles...
Some days it's really hard being a Mommy- and still keeping it together when life is overwhelming.  But as I lay here on their bed- watching them fall asleep- I can only hope that tomorrow I will have more patience (and less humidity) and I realize, that today was really not that bad...and I am so very grateful for my little angels.


  1. You are a good mommy, artist , chef and bloggy friend. Bug guy comes to our house Friday @ 1:00 to take my money;)

  2. i love everything about this post! everything. your painting is spectacular-the color is soooooo divine. and with the gray walls? yes!! so excited to try the lara bar recipe given we buy a 16-pack every week and it drains our bank account. and your pictures are just delightful. the sibling photo shoot got so many "awwww's" from me. you are so special. love you!

  3. Loved the post today and had a couple of thoughts.
    1. You are a great mommy. Humidity is just not your friend.
    2. The bars sound yummy - any nutritional information?
    3. Amazing new painting!
    4. The cutest kiddles ever. Love you,

    Momma Bomma

  4. I love the picture of the legs/raindrops! It's great! I think the new painting is gorgeous, which got me thinking about the whole series and why I've been drawn to the more muted color schemes in general. The most intriguing aspect of these paintings for me is the texture and forms of the leaves. I thought I preferred the muted palette because it highlighted this aspect better but this new painting is really vibrant and has the same affect. I think it's because it's all yellow tones, which doesn't distract. Does that make sense? Anyways... I love it!

  5. Oh, my, I know what our go-to pool snack this summer will be! Those look so yummy and filling. And the painting-- soooo beautiful!