Friday, May 27, 2011

A Product Review (or 2)

We took a trip to the art store to buy canvases the other day- and I picked up these while were there...

mostly because of this
(while searching for the link I found them @ Amazon for $1.99 a pack- what a steal!)

and they are SO MUCH FUN!!!  (yes- they are standing on the kitchen table)
Great purchase!  Give them a whirl- you won't regret it!

Product #2- not quite a review (haven't used it yet), but more of an announcement.
As my anniversary present- D got me an industrial strength pizza stone.

I LOVE making homemade pizza- I've posted about it numerous times.  Here's the dough recipe that I use from an old Living mag- it is simply THE BEST!  But, it is not as good if it's not cooked on a stone (as I found out last week).  You see- I have cracked and subsequently chucked 3 stones since I started this hobby----yes, I said 3!
I know! and I agree- and thankfully D was listening as I complained about the poor quality of all the past stones.

So he found me the ultimate stone, it's good to 750 degrees, can be left in the oven all the time and even helps to regulate the temp of your oven!

I was finally home all day today and had time to "prime" it properly.  Of course today of all days had to be 90 degrees!  Priming entailed cooking the stone starting at the ovens lowest temp for an hour and increasing it 100 degrees every hour- then reaching 500 and cooking it at 500 for 2 hours.  My house was a darn inferno.  Luckily the little ones are in a play-outside-naked stage right now- so we were all good!

I will keep you posted on the pizza making process once I get to try this baby out!


  1. We are on a pizza kick too:) I've been using my Pampered chef one . I just read that crate and barrel has one for the grill? Up to 800 degrees. I giggled because I thought I read that you were naked in the kitchen , ha! ( maybe you were?,lol!)

    I debated the markers but fast forwarded to my kids using regular markers on windows and hesitate to leap.

  2. We need to have another pizza party soon to inaugurate the new stone! Pizza party and outdoor fire perhaps?